Hardship in Nigeria : Details of Tinubu’s Meeting With General Yakubu Gowon Emerge

Following the Hardship in Nigeria : Details of tinubu’s Meeting With General Yakubu Gowon has Emerge

General Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s former head of state, has called on Nigerians to be patient and give President Bola Ahmed Tinubu time to address the economic challenges facing the country. Speaking to journalists after a private meeting with President Tinubu at Aso Rock on Wednesday, February 21, Gowon highlighted the efforts being made by the current administration to improve conditions in Nigeria. He drew on his experiences during the Nigerian civil war, acknowledging that criticism of the government is inevitable but emphasized the importance of achieving tangible results.


Gowon‘s remarks were reported by Arise News and Channels Television, where he stated, “I think the government is trying their best on the various problems of the country but with Nigerians, don’t you worry, you can get criticized. People out there know better than what you know. I think Nigerians have to give the president time to get things really done. It is too early to sort of say the absolute result will be achieved now, so that is my opinion.”


This meeting marks the first private discussion between Gowon and Tinubu since the latter assumed office in May 2023, although they had previously met at a book launch in honor of former President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja in January, as gathered by


Additionally, Gowon addressed issues regarding the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), emphasizing the need for amicable resolutions to the challenges facing the regional bloc. He also refuted claims circulating on social media that he had declined to attend an ECOWAS event, suggesting miscommunication as the cause of the misunderstanding.

Additionally,  Gowon had denied rumors of his alleged death, stating through his media aide that he remains alive and well, and not in a hurry to pass away.

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