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Helldivers 2: How To Beat Chargers

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Fighting back against the Teminid menace can be a pain in Helldivers 2. Besides dealing with an onslaught of Biotitans and Acid Spewers, you’ll also have to deal with groups of Chargers barreling into your liberty-loving friends and family. If you don’t know how to handle these armored bugs, Chargers will ruin your day in a single stampede.


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These bugs are immune to small arms fire on their entire body except the bright orange tip on their backside. While they’re terrifying tanks at times, knowing how to dodge them, use them to complete objectives for you, and ultimately, how to quickly dispatch them will make your Terminid missions a much smoother democracy-delivering experience.

Helldivers 2
February 8, 2024
Arrowhead Game Studios AB

Best Strategy To Beat A Charger

  • Hit its front leg with an armor breaking attack and then shoot the vulnerable spot with your guns
  • Recoiless Rifle, Railgun, and Expendable Anti Tank are the best stratagems for this

Since the armor of a Charger is nearly impervious to small arms fire, the easiest way to handle Chargers is by first breaking the armor on their front legs then shooting it with your main weapon. It takes one shot from a Recoiless Rifle or one shot from an Expendable Anti-Tank weapon to break the front leg armor. If you’re using a railgun, it takes two shots to the leg in either safe or unsafe mode to break the armor. Once the armor is broken, there will be a patch of bright orange flesh you can shoot at.

If you’re using a shotgun, you’ll be able to shred through the Charger’s HP with little effort once its leg armor is removed. The hardest part of this strategy is trying to land a rocket/railgun shot on its front legs in the first place. One of the best times to do this is when the Charger misses its initial charge and then slowly turns around to face you.

Alternate Methods To Beat Chargers

If you don’t have the anti-tank weapons equipped, you can still call down an explosive stratagem on the Charger to wound it. For example, the Eagle Airstrike will bring the Charger very close to death, but may not always be able to kill it. Stratagems like the Airburst and Autocannon Turret are also capable of killing Chargers as well.

Don’t forget to use terrain. Chargers will aggressively follow you, but they’ll get caught on almost every small hill and any wall you put between yourself and them.

Easiest Way To Dodge Chargers

  • Walk perpendicular to them
  • If you don’t have time to sprint, dive to the side at the last possible second
  • Guide them into terrain

The easiest way to dodge a charger is to sprint in a perpendicular path to the oncoming Charger. If the charger is headed directly for you, sprint to the left or right and slowly curve toward the Charger to make them miss you. While Chargers can turn aggressively, Helldivers are able to turn more sharply than a Charger can manage. During this time, do your best to give the Charger a wide berth so it can’t turn and hit you while you’re running from it. Once you’ve stepped past the charger, continue moving around to its backside and the Charger will slide to a halt before slowly turning around toward you.

Strangely enough, the Charger is at its least dangerous when it’s charging directly toward you. When the Charger is standing still, it can rear up and crush your Helldiver in one-shot. The worst a running Charger can do is knock you into a horde of bugs that will actually kill you.

Using a Charger To Your Advantage

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to sprint toward it, you can dive out of the way at the last moment and still be safe. This method is best used if you’re trying to land a shot on its front legs, or if you’re using the Charger to complete objectives for you. Chargers are capable of crushing eggs, destroying broadcast towers, and are even capable of running over other troublesome Terminids if you’re running out of ammo. If you plan on diving out of the way at the last second, make sure you dive as far away from the Charger as possible. If you land too close, the Charger will follow up with a hipcheck which will usually break some part of your Helldiver.

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