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Houston main breaks: Water flowing down Pagewood Lane for almost a month after break in Westchase area

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — For about a month, water has been pouring out of the ground in the Westchase area, and nothing has been done to stop it, according to nearby residents.

It has become frustrating for those who live at the Westchase Forest Townhomes on Pagewood Lane near Gessner.

“I was leaving one day to go run an errand, and I’d seen all the water cascading down the street,” John Violette, who has lived in the townhomes for years, said.

Violette believes that was roughly around Jan. 24. He called a member of their homeowner’s association, who said they called 311 and had already reported it to the city.

When asked if he thought it would be fixed by now, Violette said, “Oh yeah, for sure.”

However, the water continues to flow toward drains in both directions on the westbound lanes.

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Currently, the City of Houston has about 16,000 active 311 calls. Of those, they note water leaks are their top report, with almost 4,000 reports in the last four weeks.

“Houston Public Works prioritizes repairs based on the size of the leak and if the leak has caused a loss of water service to emergency facilities, schools, and large areas,” a spokeswoman for the department said.

They are checking with Houston Water for a status update on repairs for Pagewood Lane.

“It’s got to be thousands of gallons, I’m sure, at the rate it’s coming out,” Violette said. “It’s a big waste. I know there’s a lot of breaks all over the city, but they’ve got to do a better job than this.”

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