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How To Find & Beat Devastators

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Helldivers 2 is a tactical shooter with a wide variety of enemies. Each enemy has its own spawn conditions, strengths, and weaknesses. However, the game does not currently have any in-game way to learn or record these characteristics. This is tricky because daily missions mandate hunting down specific enemies, like Chargers — or Devastators.


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As a result, Helldivers on the hunt for a specific enemy must turn to guides like this one. Keep reading to learn where you can find Devastators, how to overcome their thick armor, and what Stratagems are most effective against them.

Helldivers 2
February 8, 2024
Arrowhead Game Studios AB

Where To Find Devastators

Devastators spawn in any Automaton mission that is at least Easy difficulty or higher. To maximize your chances of seeing Devastator type enemies, play on difficulty Easy or Medium, as higher difficulties tend to introduce more enemy types and dilute the spawn rate.

Spawn Locations

Devastator type enemies are commonly part of Dropship groups, and they tend to hang around bot factories. Bot factories in particular are a great place to try if you are struggling to get enough spawns. They are typically located in the red glowing areas on your mini map.

In addition to their regular spawns, you are guaranteed to see these enemies in special Devastator missions. These missions are similar to the ones you can embark on to kill Brood Commanders on Terminid-controlled Planets.


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Devastator Weak Points

two images of a devastator with the weakspots circled

Once you’ve found a Devastator to kill, you’ll need to rely on precision over quantity. Devastators are heavily armored enemies, with only two small weak spots.

  • Their Head
  • The Heat Sink on their chest

Both areas have a red glow, which can help you aim. However, some players have reported visual bugs where this glow isn’t present in First Person View. Depending on the strength of your weapon, killing a Devastator may take several shots. Luckily, they are slow and easy to kite.

Best Weapons & Stratagems Against Devastators

The stratagem page for the anti-material rifle

Devastators are the weakest to highly accurate long range weapons, or fire. As a result, the Anti-Material Rifle and the Flamethrower are both great weapons against them. Additionally, as far as strong Stratagems to use against Devastators, Incendiary Mines and theEagle Napalm Airstrike make a good defensive backup.

For more info about how to take on the various enemies in Helldivers 2, check out our guides on every Automaton enemy type and every Terminid enemy type.


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