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How To Get Blazehowl Noct

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  • Why Is Blazehowl Special?

Palworld is a massive game that follows a Pal Trainer as they work to capture as many Pals as possible and become the best of the best. There are 138 different Pals that you can capture and use to your advantage.


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One Pal that you can capture is Blazehowl Noct. This is the nocturnal version of the Pal known as Blazehowl, and it is a pretty powerful Pal that you will want to add to your team if you can manage to get one. Here’s how you can grab this elusive Pal.

January 19, 2024
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Where Is Blazehowl?

Palworld - Reptyro's Location

Blazehowl can be found in the area circled in white on the map above. It is one of the many Pals that roam the area of the map known as Mount Obsidian, which is the best place to find Pals that are Fire Element. This is a night-exclusive Pal, meaning you will need to hunt for the Pal during the nighttime.

It seems that the cycle of day and night lasts around 30 minutes each. If you need to switch to nighttime, you can always wait until it reaches that time by waiting the 30 minutes.

How To Breed Blazehowl

how to get Elizabee through breeding in Palworld - 1

Unfortunately, this Fire/Dark Element Pal is one that is difficult to breed. While a lot of other Pals have multiple variations for breeding them, this Pal doesn’t. There are only two ways you can obtain this Pal via breeding.

  1. Blazehowl Noct and Blazehowl Noct
  2. Blazehowl and Felbat

Since there are only two breeding combinations for this Pal, you will want to make sure you are using the correct Pals as the parents.

Why Is Blazehowl Special?

Palworld - Blazahowl Noct Paldeck

While Blazehowl is a great ground mount for players, the Pal isn’t the greatest at everything else. It is a decent Pal to use in battle, but there are stronger ones. Overall, it seems that a lot of players love Blazehowl for its unique design. It does have some decent work sutabilities, but again, they aren’t the best. Here they are:


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