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How To Rescue Pals From Poachers

Palworld allows you to travel around the world catching as many Pals as you want to. However, you will also come across a lot of atrocities in the world. While you can catch humans and turn them into slaves at your base, or you can break the law and increase your wanted level, nothing is worse than what the poachers around the game do to Pals.


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Poachers will come in all different shapes and sizes. When you’re first starting, you may see Syndicate Thugs who are attacking and killing innocent Pals. The more you progress though, the more you will see just how horrible they can be. Here’s how you can save Pals from these poachers.

January 19, 2024
Pocketpair Inc.

How To Find Poachers

Palworld fighting syndicate grenadiers

If you want to save Pals from poachers, you will first need to find the poachers. Depending on where you are, you may find poachers in different capacities. For example, inside dungeons, poachers will be preying on the weakest Pals. While exploring the overworld, you may find poacher camps. You will know you have found one when you see a small base-like area that is guarded by these poachers. You can also find poachers randomly attacking Pals all around the game’s world. No matter which scenario you are in, if you see poachers, you can save some Pals.

How To Rescue Pals From Poachers

Palworld - Pal in a Cage

Once again, the capacity you have found the poachers working in will determine how you save Pals from them. If you are inside a dungeon, or you see them attacking Pals in the overworld, you will want to kill the poachers as soon as you can. This will ensure that they have minimal time to kill the surrounding Pals. From there, you can either let the Pals be or you can capture them yourself. If you come across a poacher camp, you have a bigger role to play in saving Pals. Inside every poacher camp, there will be a Pal trapped in a cage. If you travel to the camp, kill the poachers, and then release the Pal, you will have a new Pal in your Pal Box. The only way you can save these Pals is if you actually let them out of the cage.


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