I allowed my daughters marry them

Chief Whip of Senate, Sen. Ali Ndume [Tribune Online]

Ndume’s remarks come amidst mounting criticism following his vocal opposition to the proposed relocation of key departments of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) from Abuja to Lagos State.

Addressing the media, Ndume refuted claims of prejudice, citing his personal ties as evidence of his appreciation for Nigeria’s diversity.

He pointed out that two of his daughters are married to Yoruba men, with a total of five grandchildren hailing from the southwest. Such intimate family relationships, he asserted, stand as irrefutable proof of his genuine affection and respect for the Yoruba nation.

Expressing dismay at the onslaught of negative publicity aimed at him, Ndume denounced what he described as “subtle blackmail” tactics designed to undermine his credibility. He affirmed his commitment to highlighting governmental deficiencies, asserting that constructive criticism is vital for the nation’s progress.

In a statement, Ndume remarked, “How can I hate them and allow my daughters to marry them?… I’m a true Nigerian.

He urged detractors to focus on substantive issues such as inflation and exchange rate stability, instead of engaging in personal attacks.

Furthermore, Ndume extended his support to President Tinubu, noting their longstanding friendship and mutual respect for honest feedback. He cautioned against the influence of political interests masquerading as allies, reaffirming his dedication to truth and accountability in his role as a senator.

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