Igboho Reveals Plans To Deal With Killer Herdsmen

Yoruba nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo, widely known as Sunday Igboho, has declared his readiness to confront and expel killer herdsmen from Yorubaland.

Speaking in a viral video on Tuesday, following the burial of his mother in his hometown, Igboho area of Oyo State, Adeyemo addressed a crowd of supporters, expressing his determination.

In the video, delivered in Yoruba, he emphasized the inability of the Federal Government and deployed soldiers to counter the alleged marauders, especially in Ekiti where monarchs were reportedly killed in broad daylight.

Adeyemo asserted, “I want you all to stand with me so that we can liberate ourselves from the herders encroaching on our lands. Let us mount security in all the Yoruba lands ourselves, if not, they will take our lands.”

Regarding concerns about his safety, particularly after the passing of his mother, he declared, “It was my mother that was my fear before but now she’s gone, I have nothing to be scared of again. I am now back to take back our land.”

Refuting allegations of political ties, Igboho questioned the plausibility of him collaborating with politicians and affirmed his independence from political influence.

He stated, “I am not working for any politician. In fact, if I incidentally slapped someone, the government would be ready to arrest me and put me behind bars.”

Recalling previous encounters with security forces, including a raid on his Ibadan residence and subsequent arrest in Benin Republic, Igboho highlighted his resolve to combat what he perceives as threats to his people’s safety and well-being.

The activist’s return to Nigeria, ahead of his mother’s burial, signals his continued commitment to the cause despite past challenges and risks to his personal safety.

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