I’m Back to Face, Chase Herdsmen Out From Yorubaland – Sunday Igboho

Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, is a Yoruba nation activist who has declared that he is prepared to confront and drive away Yorubaland’s killer herdsmen.

In a widely shared video on Tuesday, Adeyemo spoke to a group of people who had gathered to cheer him on after his mother was buried in Igboho, Oyo State.

The activist questioned the competence of the Federal Government and the soldiers stationed in Yorubaland, especially in Ekiti, where kings were assassinated in broad daylight, in his speech in Yoruba.

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“We don’t have to wait for the government or anyone. Let’s just work in unison. We cannot farm on our lands because of these herders. And our people are going hungry and angry. We don’t need the soldiers the government claims to have deployed to Ekiti State. We work in accordance with our elders and mount the places ourselves.

“It was my mother that was my fear before, but now that she’s gone, I have nothing to be scared of again. I am now back to take back our land.”

The Ibadan-based activist denied accusations that he was involved with politicians and questioned the reasoning behind them. This question came up during conversations about ongoing dangers to his life.

He said, “I am not working for any politician. In fact, if I incidentally slapped someone, the government would be ready to arrest me and put me behind bars. I know they are watching me closely now to know my next action, but I’m ready to take a step to stop these marauders’ activities in our lands,” he maintained.

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“I want you all to stand with me so that we can liberate ourselves from the herders encroaching on our lands. Let us mount security in all the Yoruba lands ourselves, if not, they will take our lands,” he said.


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