Is Koe Wetzel Alive – What Happened To Him? Case Update

Randy Madison Koe Wetzel is an American singer-songwriter. His music blends rock, country, grunge, and hip-hop influences. Wetzel calls his style “Hillbilly Punk-Rock.”

As a youth, he listened to bands like Nirvana as well as country and rap music.

His lyrics frequently use explicit language and deal with mature topics, like in his song “February 28, 2016,” which references his arrest for public intoxication on that date.

At the 2019 Great Texas Balloon Race, some people were upset because he chose not to change his songs to make them more appropriate for families during his performance.

Wetzel jokingly took credit for the event’s record attendance numbers.

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Is Koe Wetzel Alive – What Happened To Him?

Koe Wetzel is a popular American singer-songwriter with a devoted fanbase. Recently, rumours have been spreading online that Wetzel has died.

However, these appear to be unfounded rumours without any evidence that they are true.

The origins of these false rumours are unclear. But their spread likely explains why Wetzel has been absent from social media lately, where he normally interacts with fans.

Perhaps to avoid fuelling irresponsible gossip about his alleged *****, Wetzel seems to have temporarily deactivated his accounts on sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Is Koe Wetzel alive
Koe Wetzel has tons of followers on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

As a high-profile public figure, he has probably faced pressure to quiet the misleading chatter by staying out of the spotlight for some time.

However, Wetzel’s lack of posts has only fed the rumours among fans wanting proof he is okay.

While bizarre, the online gossip shows Wetzel’s fame and close connection to listeners.

Moving forward, more responsible reporting on the musician will hopefully prevail.

Also, this will allow him to refocus attention on his music rather than unproven hearsay about his health or life.

But the past few weeks show how quickly rumours spiral online, perhaps forcing even popular artists into a temporary absence.

Koe Wetzel Case Update

In 2022, when Koe Wetzel was a guest on the Whisky Riff Raff podcast, he told the full story about an infamous drunken Fourth of July weekend back in 2016.

At the time, Koe was celebrating the release of his album, “Noise Complaint.”

He and his friends were staying at an Airbnb treehouse on a lake and spending the long weekend drinking heavily, particularly Rumple Minze liqueur, which Koe admits was a rough phase.

One day, a boat passed, blasting Koe’s new album. The passengers recognised him and invited him to join their boat party.

Koe, already very drunk, abandoned his friends to finish off a full bottle of Rumple Minze with these strangers.

Eventually, blackout drunk Koe returned to find that his friends had all left without telling him where. Koe went searching for them at local bars.

is Koe Wetzel alive
Koe Wetzel loves doing outdoor activities (Source: Instagram)

His security guy warned the bars that Koe was dangerously drunk. At one bar, the bouncer tried to deny Koe entry for being overly intoxicated. Koe blew past him to order drinks anyway.

The police arrived and took Koe outside. His lawyer later made him watch his embarrassing behaviour on the officer’s bodycam footage.

When the cop said he was arresting Koe, he made a break for it but dropped his phone. A random kid nearby literally tackled Koe so the cop could catch him.

So in his drunken state, Koe got “citizen arrested” by a college kid. This “punk kid” still upsets him to this day.

Due to the holiday, Koe sat in jail for several days before he could be released on bail. His attempt to flee made the charges more serious.

The story illustrates how extreme Koe’s partying could get early on. The reckless affair ends with a humorously humiliating chase by a stealthy college vigilante.

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