JUST IN: Katsina Based Islamic Cleric Apologises To Oluremi Tinubu Over Killing Comments

JUST IN: Katsina Based Islamic Cleric Apologises To Oluremi Tinubu Over Killing Comments—The genius Media Nigeria reports that an Islamic cleric based in Katsina, Idris Tenshi, has apologised to the wife of the President, Oluremi Tinubu, over his recent comments.

TGM earlier reported that the cleric, in a sermon preached in the Hausa language which went viral, described the First Lady as an “infidel” who should be killed.

He had said: “Tinubu’s wife is an unbeliever, and even among the unbelievers, she is a leader.

“She is among those that Allah has instructed us to kill because she is among the leaders of the unbelievers.”

Following the development, the cleric came under fire as individuals and groups demanded his immediate arrest and prosecution.

However, in a new video, Tenshi apologised to the wife of the president over his comments, saying that everything he said was “a mistake”.

The cleric also revealed that he had withdrawn his earlier comments after other clerics properly explained the verse he quoted.

He said: “I would like to pass this message to Nigerians regarding a video I did which is circulating on social media.

“All the things I said were a mistake, and I don’t stand by the words I said. Other clerics have given me a proper explanation of the verse that I quoted.

“As a human being, I am prone to making mistakes. I am apologising to Her Excellency Remi Tinubu for the comments I made and for taking back the words I said.

“I am also apologising to Nigerians because she (Remi Tinubu) is like a mother to us. The season of politics is over. I made those comments during the time the campaign was taking place.

‘Now that God has given Bola Tinubu power, we have no other option than to support him and wish him and his family well. Whoever felt offended by the things I said, I am sorry.”

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