Kano prison addresses ‘disappearance’ of Tiktoker, Murja Kunya from detention

The Kano State Correctional Centre has reacted to reports that TikTok influencer, Murja Ibrahim Kunya disappeared from one of their facilities.

The Prison Command dismissed the report that she probably escaped as false and explained that Kunya was released on the orders of a State High Court.

It may be recalled that last week, she was declared wanted alongside five others by the Kano State Hisbah Board, and subsequently arrested at Hotoro Tinshama area of the city.

She was arrested on complaints of her neighbours over her alleged immoral behaviour as they claimed that a man often dropped her at home after midnight.

Munya was arraigned at a Sharia Court in the Gama ward, where the judge, Malam Nura Yusuf Ahmed, remanded her in prison until Tuesday, 20 February, 2024 for hearing on her bail application.

But on Sunday, two days before the adjourned date, it was reported that she had disappeared from prison custody, prompting speculations on whether she had escaped.

However, a spokesman for the Kano Correctional Centre, Musbahu Kofar Nasarawa, said Murja Kunya did not escape custody, but was instead released by the court, which remanded her.

He said the TikTok star was released since Thursday, last week, which means she spent only two days in custody instead of seven.

“It was a court that brought her to us for remand, and it was the same court that ordered us to release her,” Musbahu explained.

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