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Lee Jae-wook and Aespa’s Karina Confirm Relationship: Internet in a Frenzy

Fans are excited as South Korean stars Lee Jae-wook and aespa’s Karina are reported to be dating each other. The two stars have reportedly been spotted together a few times. Now, a media outlet has confirmed their relationship. Meanwhile, fans of the two are happy about the news of their blossoming romance.

Read ahead to learn more about Lee Jae-wook and aespa’s Karina reportedly dating each other.

Lee Jae-wook and Karina of aespa Reportedly Dating

South Korean stars Lee Jae-wook and aespa’s Karina are reportedly dating each other. According to a South Korean media outlet that shared the news on February 27th, both Lee and Karina have been spending time together, going on dates whenever they have free time.

Not just that, according to the South Korean media outlet, both Lee and Karina have even spent some time in Milan and Seoul. The two were reportedly spotted around Lee’s residential area. This news has left the fans of the two quite excited to know more about the new lovebirds.

Details Emerge on Lee Jae-wook and aespa’s Karina’s Reported Relationship

As per reports circulating on the internet, the new couple first met at Milan Fashion Week on 14th January this year. Sources close to them have reported that it was love at first sight for them as they met in Milan.

SM Entertainment, meanwhile, has confirmed the relationship along with C-JeS Entertainment. SM Entertainment, in their statement, stated, “The two are currently in the process of getting to know each other. As this concerns the actor’s personal life, we kindly request that you regard it with warmth and respect while he continues his filming commitments.”

Fans Celebrate as Relationship Between Lee Jae-wook and Karina Confirmed

As the South Korean media outlet Dispatch reported Lee and Karina’s dating, fans of both have taken to social media to react to their relationship news. They have been happy to learn about their romantic connection with each other.

One of the excited fans wrote on social media, “Oh, so they were the Dispatch’s New Year couple?” Another one wrote, “His boyfriend game is so strong that he came back with a girl.” Many users shared the news of the couple’s confirmed dating on social media with everyone.

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