Let the poor breathe, Kogi Governor warns those hoarding palliatives

The Kogi State Governor, Usman Ododo, on Tuesday warned political appointees against hoarding palliatives provided by the state government to reduce the effects of the rising cost of food items.

He spoke at the unveiling of the distribution of the relief materials at Muhammadu Buhari Civic Centre in Lokoja.

Ododo said: “These food items are for the downtrodden irrespective of political, religious or ethnic affiliation in fulfilment of our campaign promises to bring succour to the poorest of the poor members of the society.”

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The governor said his administration remains committed to serving the people in transparency and fear of God, adding that he will not condone any act of inflicting further hardship on the people through hoarding of the palliatives.

He said: “My administration will not allow any unpatriotic element to cheat on the people. 

“The government has put mechanisms in place to track and apprehend those who plan to hoard the distribution of these food items.

“The palliative is not for the APC alone, religious group or ethnic agenda. It is for the people of Kogi State. 

“I want to beg all of us to allow the poor breath. 

“I am part of them. 

“I was being raised by them. 

“I am committed to serving them, not as a leader but as their servant.

“Political appointees will not benefit from these palliatives. 

“They should also contribute to the society that made them.

“I will not condone any act of indiscipline as I will personally monitor the distribution of the rice to ensure that the palliative reaches the downtrodden that gave the mandate to serve them.

“This palliative is to alleviate the current hardship people are passing through and it should reach the people at the grassroots.

“This intervention is meant for the people and modalities for distributions are water-tight and we have put a mechanism to apprehend and sanction those who may wish to divert the palliative.”

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