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Marvel Snap: Best Corvus Glaive Decks

Marvel Snap continues its addition of Thanos’ Black Order by introducing Corvus Glaive. Last week’s new card, Cull Obsidian, made a bit of a splash, but Corvus looks to be a bit more reliable due to its specific archetype Ability.

Last Week’s New Card

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Corvus Glaive has a discard Ability that provides players with additional Max Energy per turn after he’s played. This lets him slot into a discard or Electro ramp deck perfectly. The guide below will outline great decks to try on day one, counters to watch out for when playing Corvus Glaive, and synergies that work well with him and can be used to craft your deck.

Marvel SNAP
October 18, 2022
Second Dinner

Best Corvus Glaive Decks

Corvus’ Ability states “On Reveal: Discard 2 cards from your hand to get +1 Max Energy.” Players should keep in mind that the cards discarded are entirely random, so there’s no guarantee Corvus will discard the cards you want him to. This can be a huge liability, but the benefit of having +1 Max Energy covers that a bit. With his discard effects, Corvus fits nicely into a few different discard archetypes. He also has great compatibility with ramp decks, where players try to play high-Cost cards early in the game to hold power across lanes, thanks to his Max Energy increase. The guide below will cover an Apocalypse deck, a Galactus deck, and a Destroyer ramp deck.

On Reveal: Discard 2 cards from your hand to get +1 Max Energy.​


Corvus Glaive Dracula/Apocalypse Deck

Marvel Snap deck comprised of Corvus Glaive, Blade, Morbius, Swarm, Gambit, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Dracula, Ghost Rider, M.O.D.O.K., Apocalypse, and Infinaut.

This deck focuses on Apocalypse and Dracula, with Corvus being a means to an end. Cards like Lady Sif, Blade, M.O.D.O.K., Corvus, and Sword Master will be used to increase the Power of Apocalypse and then Dracula will suck all of that Power up at the end of the game. If cards are accidentally discarded, like Dracula, they can be brought back by Ghost Rider. With this deck, players should be able to generate enough Power in the Apocalypse/Dracula combo to carry a lane and then use other cards like Corvus, Sif, and Sword Master to carry another lane.

Deck Contents:

  • Corvus Glaive (3-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Blade (1-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Morbius (2-Cost, 0-Power)
  • Swarm (2-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Gambit (3-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Lady Sif (3-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Sword Master (3-Cost, 6-Power)
  • Dracula (4-Cost, 1-Power)
  • Ghost Rider (4-Cost, 3-Power)
  • M.O.D.O.K. (5-Cost, 8-Power)
  • Apocalypse (6-Cost, 8-Power)
  • Infinaut (6-Cost, 20-Power)

If you’d like to import this deck directly into Marvel Snap, you can use the code listed below!

Corvus Glaive Galactus Deck

Marvel Snap deck comprised of Corvus Glaive, Nebula, Selene, Daredevil, Ravonna Renslayer, Green Goblin, Wave, Shang-Chi, Hobgoblin, Alioth, Galactus, and Death.

It should be said right away that Galactus decks aren’t exactly hot in the meta right now, but this deck is fun to play and can pull off some serious upsets. Corvus Glaive comes into play here by increasing Max Energy so Galactus can be played on turn five. Since Galactus’ Ability only triggers if you are winning the lane where he is played, cards like Green Goblin and Hobgoblin (especially when paired with Selene) can be lifesavers and ensure a victory.

Playing Galactus on turn five and following up with Alioth on turn six is an automatic victory and is the main goal of this deck. Shang-Chi and Death are great backup cards when Alioth isn’t drawn. Daredevil will help players anticipate the opponent’s play and Nebula can be used for a bit of lane control here, enticing the enemy to play in lanes that help a Galactus trigger.

Deck Contents:

  • Corvus Glaive (3-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Nebula (1-Cost, 1-Power)
  • Selene (1-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Daredevil (2-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Ravonna Renslayer (2-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Green Goblin (3-Cost, -3-Power)
  • Wave (3-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Shang-Chi (4-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Hobgoblin (5-Cost, -8-Power)
  • Alioth (6-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Galactus (6-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Death (8-Cost, 12-Power)

If you’d like to import this deck directly into Marvel Snap, you can use the code listed below!

Corvus Glaive Destroyer Ramp Deck

Marvel Snap deck comprised of Corvus Glaive, X-23, Carnage, Wolverine, Electro, Venom, Ghost Rider, Shang-Chi, Nimrod, Arnim Zola, Destroyer, and Knull.

With this deck, players want to increase their Max Energy as soon as possible using cards like X-23, Electro, and Corvus. Doing so will allow players to throw down Destroyer early, follow it up with Knull, and finish the game by playing Arnim Zola to duplicate and double the Power of Knull in the two other lanes. This strategy is tricky to pull off, especially with Corvus discarding two random cards (Ghost Rider can be used to revive one if it wasn’t meant to be discarded), but when it works it’s sure to carry at least two lanes.

Nimrod, X-23, and Wolverine are great cards to have down because Destroyer will move them around the board rather than outright destroying them. It’s important to get these cards on the board as soon as possible to get full use of their Abilities.

Deck Contents:

  • Corvus Glaive (3-Cost, 5-Power)
  • X-23 (1-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Carnage (2-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Wolverine (2-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Electro (3-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Venom (3-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Ghost Rider (4-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Shang-Chi (4-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Nimrod (5-Cost, 6-Power)
  • Arnim Zola (6-Cost, 0-Power)
  • Destroyer (6-Cost, 16-Power)
  • Knull (6-Cost, 0-Power)

If you’d like to import this deck directly into Marvel Snap, you can use the code listed below!

Best Corvus Glaive Counters

Marvel Snap's Corvus Glaive card surrounded by variants of Cosmo the Space Dog.

Corvus Glaive’s biggest counter is Cosmo. This is true for many of the new On Reveal cards added to the game, but it is pretty easy to avoid and only really causes a problem for Corvus if the opponent has turn priority and plays Cosmo in the same lane, on the same turn. Otherwise, Corvus can be played elsewhere to avoid Cosmo’s negative effects.

Best Corvus Glaive Synergies

Marvel Snap's Corvus Glaive card surrounded by Miek, X-23, Galactus, and Apocalypse.

Corvus Glaive synergizes well with any card that benefits from being discarded. These are cards like Wolverine, X-23, or Apocalypse. Hela is an interesting combo with Corvus as she can bring back previously discarded cards, but pulling her after Corvus’ On Reveal Ability has been played is a risky strategy. Miek is a great card to play down in any discard deck and obviously works well with Corvus.

Playing cards that rely on increased Max Energy (like cards in a ramp deck) are great to pair with Corvus. These are cards like Destroyer, Arnim Zola, and Galactus. Basically, any 6-Cost card that you would want to play on turns four or five. It would be a problem not to mention the synergy present with next week’s debut card, Proxima Midnight. When discarded, Proxima and her 7-Power will jump onto the board and fill a slot in your lowest-Power lane.

Is Corvus Glaive Worth It?

Marvel Snap's Corvus Glaive card surrounded by X-23 and Gladiator Spotlight variants.

Corvus Glaive will debut in Marvel Snap as a Series 5 card. This means it will cost 5,000 Tokens if players choose to buy the card from the Token Shop. Players can also obtain Corvus through the Collection Level as a featured Spotlight Card. It will be featured alongside X-23 and Gladiator, two useful cards to have! Players will need to spend a Spotlight Key to have a chance at getting Corvus. While Corvus isn’t a great card in a standalone sense, next week’s card release is Proxima Midnight (whose Ability states “When this is discarded, jumps to your lowest-Power location”), a card that seems to go hand-in-hand with Corvus Glaive.

If you plan on grabbing Proxima Midnight next week, it’s a great idea to get Corvus Glaive on release. Corvus has a ton of potential, so it’s a great idea to grab him while he’s around anyway. We recommend spending Spotlight Keys on Corvus this week, especially if you’re missing X-23 or Gladiator because he will surely be included in a Series drop in the future, and spending 5,000 Tokens on him could be a waste.

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