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Meet Thad Moffitt Parents, Rebecca Petty & Brian Moffitt: Family Details

Thaddeus Moffitt was born on September 12, 2000, to Rebecca Petty and Brain Moffitt. Thaddeus Moffitt was raised in a racing-obsessed family, with ancestors including his grandpa, Richard Petty, and uncle, Kyle Petty, both well-known racing luminaries. Thaddeus was inspired by his family’s tradition and acquired a love for racing at an early age, spurred by his grandfather’s experiences and influence. Thaddeus Moffitt, a 23-year-old American professional auto racing driver, is making his name in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, driving the No. 46 Chevrolet Silverado for Faction46, a newly formed organization.

Moffitt, who hails from North Carolina, is the next generation to carry on the Petty family racing history. Moffitt brings a plethora of expertise to the track, having competed in several racing competitions such as ARCA, Late Model, and Trans Am. Moffitt debuted with Reaume Brothers Racing in the Daytona 500 in 2022, finishing 18th, and showed his promise as a future NASCAR star.

Who Are Rebecca Petty and Brian Moffitt? Thad Moffitt Parents

Brian and Rebecca Moffitt are happy parents of Thad Moffitt, a bright young racer. Thad spent his early years in Trinity, North Carolina, with his siblings Helen and Harrison Moffitt. Sister Helen is presently attending Lenoir-Rhyne University, while brother Harrison is a former football player. Rebecca, Thad’s mother, attended Randleman High School and was originally from Trinity, North Carolina. She later graduated from East Carolina University.

She is now the Executive Director of the Petty Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on different humanitarian projects. Thad’s parents, especially his mother, Rebecca, were instrumental in defining his childhood and cultivating his love of racing. Rebecca comes from a racing family since her father is NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Richard Petty. Inspired by his maternal family’s tradition, Thad pursued a racing career, determined to succeed.

Born into A Racing Family

The Moffitt family has a long history of racing, dating back to Thad’s great-grandfather, Lee Petty. Lee Petty was instrumental in creating the sport and became NASCAR’s first three-time Cup winner. Richard Petty, Lee’s son, became a second-generation racing hero, carrying on the family history. He even got the coveted moniker of “the King” for his outstanding performance on the track. Richard’s unprecedented triumph cemented his place as one of the best NASCAR racers in history.

Thad Moffitt

Following in his father’s footsteps, Richard’s son, Kyle Petty, became a powerful presence on the racing circuit, representing the third generation of the Petty racing family. Kyle’s efforts enhanced the family’s long history in racing. Thad Moffitt now gladly bears the mantle as a fourth-generation racer. With each generation making an unmistakable stamp on the sport, the Moffitt family remains inextricably linked to the world of auto racing, representing a long history of distinction and accomplishment on the track.

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