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New Alan Wake 2 Update Released With “Important” Fixes, Patch Notes Revealed

The latest patch for Alan Wake 2 has arrived.

A new update for Alan Wake 2 has today been let loose across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Since launching near the end of 2023, Remedy has continued to push out new patches for Alan Wake 2 on a routine basis, improving the game steadily over time. And while today’s patch isn’t the biggest one that we have seen so far, it’s an update that does include some vital improvements that players have been requesting for some time. 

In total, update version 1.16 for Alan Wake 2 only comes with four tweaks in total. One of these changes is tied to the game’s Xbox version, which should now see fewer crashes. Beyond this, Remedy has also fixed a few more strange bugs that would prevent players from being able to interact with specific items. Again, this patch isn’t a vast one, but it does fix some notable errors that fans have had big problems with for quite some time. 

Moving forward, it’s known that DLC for Alan Wake 2 is currently in the works. Specifically, Remedy has announced that it will be releasing two expansions for AW2. The first is called Night Springs and is set to launch at some point in “late spring”. The second piece of DLC is titled The Lake House and doesn’t yet have a launch window. Remedy hasn’t provided many details about what each expansion will center around, but we’ll likely start to learn more in the weeks ahead. 

Until that time, you can find the full patch notes for today’s new Alan Wake 2 update attached below. 

Alan Wake 2 Update 1.16 Patch Notes

  • Xbox – Fixed random crashes on game exit or when the game is suspended.
  • Fixed cases where players couldn’t exit interactable notes and containers (e.g. Nursery Rhymes or the Shotgun Puzzle in the Covenience Store).
  • Fixed the missing Lighthouse keys after opening the last Cult Stash in Cauldron Lake.
  • Fixed Saga’s magical crossbow so that it stays in the Shoebox if put in there and does not appear on her back anymore unless carried for real.

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