Nigerian Economy: Tinubu is Clueless — NANS Leader

Former Vice President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Timileyin Ayenuro, has alerted people to the fact that Nigerians are suffering and pleaded with Chief Bola Tinubu to take action to alleviate their plight.

Ayenuro attacked Tinubu in a statement made accessible to reporters in Akure for his subpar economic policies, which have prevented him from keeping his word.

According to him, “it appears that Tinubu is clueless and should not hesitate to step down.

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“If he is sincere about Nigeria’s development, he should directly supervise the Ministry of Power and focus on the permanent Solution to Nigeria’s Electricity.

“With President Tinubu’s direct supervision, he should give more funds to guarantee stable Electricity in Nigeria and If he fails to do this, he should resign honourably.

“The hardship in Nigeria is too much, Nigerians are suffering because of Tinubu’s poor economic policies

“With President Tinubu in power, and he is not successful in giving Nigeria Stable Electricity at an expected time then he should honourably RESIGN”

Ayenuro made the point that reliable power is essential to the prosperity of many other industries, including security, education, and many more.

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According to Ayenuro, he will not yet draw conclusions about President Tinubu’s capacity to bring about the anticipated development and stabilise the nation.

He did concede, though, that Tinubu could be able to operate in a few different ways.

Instead of prosecuting them for illicit production, the youth leader requested that the President give Made in Nigeria Products (particularly Aba Production) the authority and assistance they need to create high-quality goods.

He suggested giving Nigerian producers amnesty and encouraging them to produce in large quantities.

Ayenuro further requested that Tinubu take harsh measures against those who undermine our economy.

He said that the powerful individuals in the business class who are undermining our economy by hiding behind their positions of authority should face harsh consequences and, if feasible, be executed right away in accordance with the law, without turning to dishonest legal tactics.

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“The Corrupt Legislators who are hiding under oversight functions and other duties using it to sabotage Nigeria’s Progress and development should not be spared of disciplinary action.

“Any Executive who is not productive after the expected productive period should resign. Any Executive who is being disturbed by corrupt civil servants should Speak up. Any Civil Servants who notice corrupt practices of the Executive should Speak up.”


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