Nigerians Should Not Panic, Tinubu Is Trying His Best – Former Presidential Aspirant

A former presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Stanley Osifo, has defended President Bola Tinubu on the hardship Nigerians are going through.

Speaking with newsmen on Monday, Osifo said Nigerians should not panic because President Tinubu is aware of the hardship situation and is doing his best to make things better.

He expressed belief that the hardship would soon be over and Nigerians would be better off.

He said: “Every Nigerian has one thing or the other to talk about now on the hardship.

“This good thing is that even the President has acknowledged the problems and he understands what Nigerians are going through now.

“He acknowledged the problem during his last meeting with governors. He has given assurances that with time, things will stabilise.

“Nigerians should not panic because what we are going through right now is a phase, and I believe this phase will pass soon.”

Osifo, however, challenged political leaders to ensure they get things right so Nigerians don’t have to go through such hardship again.

He also charged leaders to avoid wasteful spending at a time like this.

“The President is trying his best to stabilise the economy and has made some pronouncements and interventions on how to give succour to the people.

“I strongly believe that the President is aware of what is going on right now and he is doing everything possible to see how the issues will be addressed.

“Also, let the President, the governors and council chairmen prioritise issues facing ordinary Nigerians.

“They must get things addressed and make sure that Nigerians don’t cry again.

“It should be clear to all in the corridor of power that Nigerians are suffering, hence the need to stop wasteful spending,” the former aspirant added.

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