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Simple Plan are less than Perfect – review | Music | Entertainment

Unfortunately, this may have been the highest point of Simple Plan’s show.

As the setlist waned on, the band quite obviously lost steam and was forced to take easier steps to get through each track.

With more crowd participation than excitement, it became a bit of a soundtrack of their golden years.

However, what they laid down was exceptional. Simple Plan are obviously a band that knows how to make good music and perform it – and after a long tour, perhaps we can cut them some slack.

The worst part of the night, however, was a baffling string of covers from the band.

Towards the end of Simple Plan’s setlist, they played a medley of cover songs, consisting of All Star (Smash Mouth), Sk8er Boi (Avril Lavigne) and Mr Brightside (The Killers).

Considering the stalwarts have built an incredible repertoire of hits over the past two decades… this batch of popular cover songs shouldn’t happen. The focus should be on them; a celebration of their music. Not pulling cheap karaoke tracks of out a hat.

Although they ended powerfully with I’m Just a Kid and Perfect, capping off the night well, it did leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Despite this, Simple Plan are a band for the ages. If they’re in town, you’re almost guaranteed a great night out, and something to wash away the woes of the week.

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