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The Boys Reportedly Lands Early Season 5 Renewal

The Boys Season 5 could start filming as soon as April according to one new report.

Work on a fifth season of The Boys is seemingly already underway. Despite having not received a public-facing renewal ahead of its fourth season premiere later this year, a set-tracking website in Canada says The Boys will begin filming its fifth season worth of episodes later this spring. The report comes from Hollywood North Buzz, which reports the series will film in and around Toronto from April 8, 2024 until August 22, 2024.

During a Q&A in 2020, The Boys creator Eric Kripke revealed he thought the show could eventually run for five seasons given that’s how long he had material for. Kripke has since redacted that after the recent successes of the show’s first live-action spinoff Gen V.

“I have since realized that literally no one in history is worse at predicting the amount of seasons of a show, like literally,” Kripke told Inverse last year. “I have learned my lesson and I’ve stopped predicting how many seasons these shows go. You will find out in hindsight.”

Between The Boys and Gen V, Prime Video is building its own little superhero universe to rival the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Universe.

“In our minds, it’s only a couple of days after whatever the events are of Gen V,” Kripke recently told Variety about the events of The Boys Season 4. “We try to keep the timeline super simple because all that folding-in-on-itself timeline stuff that I think other comic book universes find themselves having to do is just bewildering for me as a viewer. So it’s all very modular. It’s like there’s Season 3 of The Boys, and then after that Gen V takes place, and then after that The Boys Season 4 takes place. And then after that, Gen V Season 2 takes place. It’s all more like cars on a train than it is a plate of spaghetti.”

All eight episodes of The Boys: Gen V Season One are now streaming on Prime Video, as are the first three seasons of the flagship show. The fourth season of The Boys will hit Prime Video next year.

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