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This is the most underrated feature of the Apple Vision Pro

I’m sitting back on my sofa and watching the first 15 minutes of Oppenheimer on the Apple Vision Pro, and then it hits me. Well, actually, my son’s arm hits me. He wanted to watch the movie that I was streaming privately on the equivalent on a 100-foot screen. 

Mesmerized by the colliding particles swirling around in Oppenheimer’s electric visions and the distinct sparks coming through the Vision Pro’s audio pods in surround-sound like Spatial Audio, I wondered if I would ever need to go to the movies again. And then I let my 16-year-old son take a turn in the Vision Pro and he got lost in the film, too. We ultimately decided to watch it together on a plain-old 65-inch Samsung QLED TV. And I have to say I was disappointed — not in the movie but the presentation.

The Apple Vision Pro is obscenely expensive, but if you do have the disposable income to splurge on it, one of the biggest selling points is clearly entertainment. You can kick back and enjoy a movie with incredible detail beamed into your eyes, complete with a movie-theater-like Environment to set the mood. It’s like being at the cinema, minus the sticky floors.

(Image credit: Future)

I gave the Vision Pro another crack when I had more time to myself, and this time I watched a movie in 3D. This is not the same clunky and chintzy 3D glasses experience you typically get at the local multiplex. Remember that the Vision Pro headset is specifically tuned to the shape of your face (thanks to the Light Seal) and your eyes (in my case, using readers inserts).

When the Black Panther issued his rallying cry of “Yibambe!” I could see the sweat beads on the side of his head.

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