Tips on building a happy and healthy relationship

Having a healthy and happy relationship takes great effort. These efforts are what make it special and last a lifetime.

Falling in love is the most amazing feeling in the world, but sustaining the lovey-dovey feeling doesn’t come easy.

Building a happy relationship entails setting certain relationship goals. These goals revitalise your relationship and also help you spice things up.

You might be surprised what little efforts can go a long way in helping you build a better and outstanding relationship.


1. Effective communication

Effective communication is an important ingredient for a healthy relationship. Couples bond more when they converse and communicate openly. This helps to help couples share their fears, weaknesses, and strengths. This entails spending quality time together.

2. Build each other’s trust

Trust is one of the major foundations of every happy relationship. It helps couples withstand the storms of life together. Happy couples are those who trust each other so much regardless of societal influences.

3. Have fun

Going out together as a couple triggers positive emotions that sustain the relationship. Setting quality time aside to take a break from the hustle of life and embarking on a vacation helps sustain a happy relationship. Play games, hang out, go on movie dates and party together.

4. Forgive each other

Putting each other’s faults behind to forge ahead and get better helps to build a happy relationship. Partners who don’t forgive each other put a strain on the relationship which could eventually lead to separation. 

5. Settle each other’s differences amicably

There is a popular saying that states that “fingers are not equal”. It is normal for couples to have some differences since they were not brought up the same way. Settling each other’s differences with maturity strengthens the pillar of a happy relationship.

6. Love each other selflessly

Selfless love entails putting one’s partner first before yourself. Express your love for them through selfless deeds. Making extra efforts to put a smile on their faces would also help sustain a happy relationship.

7. Understand each other’s love language

There are about five love languages. Understanding these love languages helps couples understand each other and build a solid and happy relationship. It enables peace and harmony in the home.

8. Learn to apologise

Sincere apologies with appropriate words and attitude are very necessary in sustaining a happy and healthy relationship. Learning to say ‘sorry’ when you are at fault makes you reasonable to your partner. It builds your partner’s trust and love for you.

9. Appreciate every kind gesture from your partner

Being appreciative of every effort made by your partner builds a stronger cord in your relationship. Show appreciation for whatever your partner does, no matter how minute it might be. Take a good look at your partner, search out the good areas of his or her life and begin to compliment them.

10. Develop interest in the things your partner loves

If you develop interest in what your partner likes and he is aware, he would like to share more things related to it with you. You don’t need to be an expert, just keep the ball rolling and he will take it from there. This builds a stronger cord and makes each party happy.


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