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Top 10 African cities with the best healthcare systems in January 2024 

Healthcare systems play a pivotal role in the pursuit of a higher quality of life and improved life expectancies. Recognising the significance of accessible and efficient healthcare, TheTimes delves into the Healthcare Systems Index for January 2024 to compile a list of African cities with exemplary healthcare services. 

While the African continent has faced challenges in its healthcare sector, certain cities stand out for providing good healthcare services. The quality of healthcare not only aids in early detection of health issues but also safeguards communities from health threats and contributes to the overall well-being of the population. 

This compilation draws upon data from Numbeo, a research organisation focusing on data related to the quality of life. Utilising their extensive data bank, Numbeo has created a current index known as the Healthcare Index.  

Healthcare index: 44.8 

Healthcare index: 46.2 

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Healthcare index: 47.5 

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Healthcare index: 56.7 

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Healthcare index: 56.8 

MicrosoftTeams image 33

Healthcare index: 59.0 

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Healthcare index: 60.5 

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Healthcare index: 61.6 

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Healthcare index: 66.7 

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