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Utiva Gets Another Global Accreditation from United States of America

Utiva, a leading tech education company, has achieved another significant milestone by receiving accreditation from the American Council of Training and Development (ACTD).

This accreditation further solidifies Utiva’s position as a top-tier provider of professional training programs globally.

The ACTD accreditation is highly regarded in the industry and is awarded to programs that meet the rigorous standards set by ACTD.

When a training program is ACTDaccredited, it signifies that the program meets the highest quality standards in training and development.

Utiva is known for its innovative approach to tech education, offering courses to people from various backgrounds across more than 19 countries.

With over 70,000 alumni in its network and partnerships with over 300 large corporations and businesses, Utiva has established itself as a leader in tech education and talent development.

Utiva is a tech education company that offers training programs to individuals and organizations looking to upskill their talents in the technology industry. With a focus on practical learning and real-world applications, Utiva is committed to preparing its students for success in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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