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Where To Find A Fashionable Item

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  • Where To Find A Fashionable Item
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Persona 3 Reload will have many side quests to complete in the form of Elizabeth Requests. Elizabeth will give the player more requests every few in-game weeks or after completing other requests, which will scale in difficulty as the game progresses.


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These requests will usually have the player tracking down a specific item either in the real world or in Tartarus. The 29th Elizabeth request will have her asking for something stylish or fashionable; here’s where to find it.

Persona 3 Reload
February 2, 2024

Where To Find A Fashionable Item

The Luxury Shopkeeper In Club Escapade

To find a fashionable item, players will first need to gain access to Club Escapade in Paulownia Mall. This is as simple as ranking your Courage social stat up to rank 2. Once inside the club, head to the back right of the bottom floor to the Luxury Shopkeeper, who is currently selling glasses that are fashionable. The player now has two options of: either buying the glasses outright or trading a Black Quartz with the man first.

Should the player buy the glasses outright, they will cost 150,000 yen, which is not a worthwhile price and the same as other more useful luxury accessories he sells. By giving the man a Black Quartz, he will drop the price down to 10,000 yen. Taking the glasses to Elizabeth will complete the request and reward the player with a Power Incense 1.


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Where To Find Black Quartz

The Player Offering A Black Quartz To The Luxury Shopkeeper

Black Quartz is an item found in Tartarus. Players will need to explore Tartarus between floors 36 to 60. Black Quartz can be found by destroying the orange glowing crystallized shadows or by defeating various enemies in battle. Both of these methods have an element of luck, but this is not a very rare item as many players will get multiple simply when exploring these floors of Tartarus.


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