Why Ibadan Residents Are Currently Protesting

The Ibadan Residents Are Currently Protesting over hardship in their state and Nigeria entirely.

In Oyo State, a significant number of youths have taken to the streets to express their frustration over the soaring cost of living, escalating food prices, and the overall economic difficulties facing the country. This demonstration unfolded on Monday morning, as a large group of young people gathered to voice their concerns.

Participants in the protest were seen carrying placards with messages such as ‘End food hike and inflation’, ‘The poor is starving’, and ‘Tinubu, don’t forget your promises’, highlighting their demands for action against the rising costs and economic challenges.

The presence of armed policemen at the scene indicated security measures in place, as the demonstrators conducted their rally peacefully. This protest against economic hardship comes in the wake of policies such as the removal of petrol subsidies and the consolidation of foreign exchange markets, which have contributed to the public’s grievances.

This action by the youths in Ibadan follows similar protests in cities like Kano and Minna, signaling a widespread concern over the economic conditions, particularly in the aftermath of petrol subsidy removal, the inflation of food prices, and the increasing cost of living. The police had issued a warning on Sunday, stating that any disruption of peace during protests would not be tolerated, underscoring the tension surrounding these public demonstrations.

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