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Why movie directors love to use me – Tayo Faniran opens up

Tayo Faniran, a Nigerian actor and reality TV star, has disclosed why most movie directors love to use him on set.

The actor discussed in a recent interview how his physical attractiveness has played a major role in his acting career.

The 2014 Big Brother Africa runner-up said that his towering height of six feet four inches, broad shoulders, and dark skin helped him secure major roles in the movie industry.

Tayo Faniran went on to discuss the visual attraction he gives to the screen even when he’s not speaking.

Tayo Faniran, Nigerian actor and reality star. source: Google

However, the actor noted that his success is not exclusively due to his appearance. He underlined his effort to improve his acting skills.

Let’s say my looks have contributed to the kind of roles I get. I am six feet four inches. I’m really tall and I have broad shoulders. I am dark-skinned as well. Those things, put together, already make me a super attractive personality for TV. If you see me on the screen, even without me talking, you would love to look at me.

We (actors) must attract the viewers to what we are showcasing, whether it’s storytelling, reality, or whatever it is. However, that’s not all there is to it. There are good-looking people on TV who are not good actors. I want to be a proper and versatile actor that can deliver, whether as a mechanic, farmer, or headmaster.”

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