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Ghana to lose $3.8 billion World Bank funding over anti-LGBTQ+ bill 

The Ghanian government is posed to lose the total of $3.8 billion in World Bank funding over a recent Anti-LGBTQ bill passed by its parliament last week.  

The finance ministry of Ghana has appealed to the president to withhold his signature from the contentious bill against LGBT rights, which was approved by parliament. 

According to the BBC, the financial authorities in Ghana is suggesting that President Nana Akufo-Addo postpone the enactment of the bill until a Supreme Court decision verifies its compliance with the constitution. 

Meanwhile, human rights organizations filed a legal challenge against the bill even before its approval by parliament, though it’s anticipated that the Supreme Court won’t hear the case for a while. 

The US, UK and various human rights groups have already condemned the bill, which was backed by both of Ghana’s two main political parties. 

On his part, Akufo-Addo is said to be engaging in consultations with important governmental departments and donors to gauge the effects of the Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values legislation. 

According to the IMF, diversity and inclusion are values it embraces.  

Ghana heavily leans on the IMF for its financial well-being. In the aftermath of a debt default, it requested a $3 billion lifeline and is now involved in the process of rearranging its debt obligations. 

On January 19, the IMF sanctioned the disbursement of an additional $600 million to Ghana as part of its three-year crisis intervention plan. 

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