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How to link you NIN/BVN to your account

Nigerian banks recently issued a memo about a week ago, urging customers to link their National Identification Number and Biometric Verification numbers to their accounts.

This moves sparked various reactions from the populace, particularly as this exercise seems like another avenue to stress well-meaning Nigerians.

While some banks indicated February 29, 2024, and others pegged March 1 as the deadline, some did not specify when the portal would close for the exercise.

As the deadline takes effect, many Nigerians remain uncertain about how to link their accounts to their BVN/NIN.

The National Identification Number (NIN) comprises 11 non-intelligible numbers randomly assigned to individuals after completing enrollment in the National Identity Database (NIDB). The Bank Verification Number (BVN) utilizes biometric technology as a secure unique identifier for real-time security processes.

Without much ado, here’s how you can link your NIN/BVN to your account through various ways.

If you visit the bank without your NIN slip, you can locate a nearby cafe shop to print it out or send an email with a copy of your NIN details from NIMC website to your bank to help print it out. If you are unsure whether your account has been linked, contact the customer care center of your bank for further inquiries.

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