‘It’s Totally Unacceptable’ – Fani Kayode Fumes Over Igbos Support for Israel

Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode harshly denounced the conduct of certain Igbos who show support for Israel’s actions in Gaza, pointing out specifically the harm done to women and children.

Fani-Kayode called attention to the contradiction, emphasising that a large number of Igbo people suffered significantly from the 1967–1970 Nigerian Civil War, which resulted in a high death toll and ethnic cleansing.

The former minister voiced his opinions on his X platform on Monday, highlighting the contradiction that some Igbo people openly support Israel despite the historical similarities to their own predicament, even if they identify as Jewish and even practise Judaism.

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In light of the agonising historical traumas that the Igbo community has undergone, Fani-Kayode considered this position to be completely unacceptable.

“It is an irony of fate that the overwhelming majority of the very same Igbo people who were slaughtered in their millions between 1967 and 1970 and who were subjected to the worst form of ethnic cleansing that Africa has ever seen are now openly applauding the State of Israel for committing genocide against the women and children of Gaza.

“As a sign and symbol of solidarity with Israel and the atrocities they are committing in Gaza, some of them erroneously call themselves the Jews of Africa, some have adopted the Jewish faith, whilst others call themselves Zionists.

“This is totally and completely unacceptable, and it is most unfortunate,” his post partly read.


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