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Legal Drama Unfolds: xQc Pursues Action Against Ex Over Illegal Sale of McLaren

Streamer xQc reveals he is taking legal action after his ex, Adept, sold his McLaren. There has been a lot of drama lately surrounding xQc, Adept, and his McLaren. Now reports have stated that Adept has sold xQc’s McLaren, prompting the streamer to take legal action against the act.

Read ahead to learn more about streamer xQc taking legal action after his McLaren is illegally sold.

xQc’s ex sold out his McLaren illegally

After the breakup news between streamer xQc and Adept surfaced, there has been a lot of drama surrounding the two on social media. The streamer had all his assets frozen by the bank. However, when reports emerged about his McLaren 720s Spider being sold, fans of the streamer began discussing the matter.

Not to miss, it wasn’t xQc who sold his McLaren, but it was his ex, Adept, who did so, despite xQc previously stating that he was trying to resolve some licensing issues regarding the car. Now, after the McLaren has already been sold, xQc is firm in his decision to take legal action against this.

Streamer xQc to sue after his McLaren gets sold illegally

Recently, during a conversation with some fellow streamers, xQc discussed his ex and the sold McLaren. When asked about his McLaren, xQc stated that his car has been sold and he intends to take legal action against it.

On a Discord call, xQc, Adin Ross, YourRageGaming, and DJ Akademiks discussed the sale of the former’s McLaren. During the conversation, they mentioned how Adept had violated the court order.

YourRageGaming even asked during a Kick stream who received the money from the sale of the McLaren. Responding to YourRageGaming’s question, xQc said, ‘I don’t know where the money is, but I know it’s not in my pocket. I am suing, but it will take months.’

More about xQc on his sold McLaren

DJ Akademiks recently asked xQc if he had repurchased his McLaren. To which xQc replied, ‘Nope, it’s gone.’ Additionally, Felix mentioned that he does not want to spend more money on the McLaren.

The clips of the discussion about xQc’s sold McLaren among him and fellow streamers have gone viral on social media. Users have been reacting to the incident, with xQc’s fans quickly calling out Adept for the situation involving the McLaren.

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