Minister pledges govt’s commitment to global technology trade

The Federal Government has restated its commitment to enhance Nigeria’s participation in the global technology trade over the next four years.

The Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr Bosun Tijani, stated this at the closing of the 11th meeting of the National Council on Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy held at the Coronation Hall, Government House, Kano on Thursday.

He said the primary goal of the present administration, under the leadership of President Bola Tinubu, was to enhance Nigeria’s participation in the global technology trade over the next four years.

“Through policies, we shall be able to strengthen our position as a technology hub,” the minister said.

He said the Federal Government has identified nine priority policies for review, including Nigeria’s National Broadband Plan, the National Policy on Digital Public Infrastructure, and the National Policy on Telecommunications.

These and other details were included in a 31-page blueprint document presented in October 2023 by the minister, which outlined the ministry’s intentions for harnessing the transformative power of digital technology and innovation to boost the national economy.

In the Nigerian National Broadband Plan (2020 – 2025), the Federal Government set a 50 percent broadband penetration target for 2023. In its policy document, the government set a broadband penetration target of “50 percent of eligible individuals with provision for physically challenged,” for 2023.

 The minister continued that the Federal Government was also committed to building the critical infrastructure required to power a strong digital economy.

He said, “We will ensure broadband penetration, efficient spectrum management, and the right digital public infrastructure and reimagine the postal service for connectivity and economic growth.’’

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