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Nigeria, Netherlands partner to tackle blood shortages in Nigeria 

Nigeria and The Netherlands have entered into a partnership agreement aimed at addressing blood shortages and reducing unnecessary suffering and deaths in Nigeria.  

The signing ceremony took place in Abuja, where Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate, Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, highlighted the alignment of the partnership with the National Health Plan’s goal to increase the country’s blood supply. 

Represented by Dr Abdu Mukhtar, National Coordinator of the Presidential Unlocking Healthcare Value-Chain Initiative, Prof. Pate emphasized that the agreement would not only boost the blood supply but also unlock the health sector’s value chain, encouraging private sector participation. 

Prof. Saleh Yuguda, Director-General of the National Blood Service Commission (NBSC), stressed that this approach would play a crucial role in reducing blood shortages, particularly for treating conditions like cancer and sickle cell anaemia. 

Ms Marjolijn Sonnema, Dutch Vice Minister for Public Health, acknowledged the challenges of implementing autologous blood transfusions in regions with limited resources.  

Vincent Franssen, CEO of HemoClear, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating, “Partnering with the NBSC, a regional leader in blood service expertise, guarantees streamlined implementation support, offers premier clinical training and logistics know-how, and sets the stage for future local production.” 

The NBSC/HemoClear alliance is financially supported by the French Fund for Innovation in Development (FID), reinforcing the commitment to global health improvements. 

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