Plot To Topple The Current Administration Of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu And Destabalize Our Country Nigeria

Plot To Topple The Current Administration Of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu And Destabalize Our Country Nigeria—-The Niger Delta Defence Movement, (NDDM) Condemns the recent plot by some misguided Fulani extremists/leaders in West Africa after a meeting in Kaduna deceitfully conceived as a peace meeting to topple the current administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu through the planned facilitation of a Military Coup.

We condemn in its entirety this move and at this moment warn of the grave consequences this will cause to our nascent democracy and the adverse effect it will have on our country as a people.

It should by now be evident that the threat to Nigeria’s peace does not emerge from the Niger Delta, a region agitating for justice as is acknowledged by every right-thinking human being, but from the Islamic extremist northern part of Nigeria covertly supported by its elite who assume leadership of Nigeria to be the birthright of this region.

This attempted act of terrorism by this Fulani extremists does not come as a surprise to us.

Northern Fulani extraction of Nigeria has become a fertile ground for international terrorism, The Nigerian government has persistently turned a blind eye to Islamic extremists coming from Northern Nigeria, choosing instead to focus and waste its resources on military hardware and troop deployment in the Niger Delta.

The government of Nigeria which unfortunately has been dominated by the north since independence has bred such undesirable elements under false pretexts with the hope of creating a reserve army to counter agitation in the south and the Niger Delta.

However, we are aware that part of the reason for this unnecessary disturbance and rancor from the north about the government of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is first primarily the fact that Political power has moved to the south and the erroneous belief by some misguided Fulani extremists that the share of appointments in the current government is not favorably titled towards them in their own eyes.

What they have forgotten is that the previous administration, handed over a polarized government to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It is pathetic and unjustifiable that even in the face of the obvious nepotism and one-sidedness of the previous government, there was not even a complaint, protest, or plan to topple the government just for the reason the former president was from the Fulani extraction. This act is very divisive and does not portray us as one nation.

We are together with our northern associates who have also acknowledged the existence of this barbaric plan but are vehemently opposed to it and have vowed to expose them should they not retrace their steps. We are therefore calling on the perpetrators to back out immediately without further delay.

The consequences of this barbaric, evil, satanic plan can only destroy the good plans of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led administration and open the window for further disintegration moves in the country such as the Biafran, Oduduwa, Middle Belt, and the Niger Delta breakaway Agitations.

Furthermore, even in the military, those who are not in support of the coup will fight against the plotters and this will create much disintegration that will lead to a major crisis in the Country.

For this reason, we will continue to support this present administration, led by Bola Ahmed Tinubu.  We will not support a religious crusade of tribe and ethnicity rather; we call on all Nigerians and all other Islamic / Fulani countries to close ranks with the Nigerian Government led by President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to move Nigeria to its rightful position as the giant of Africa.


Egbegebo Tamara


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