Tinubu Can’t Fix All Issues within 9 months — Umahi to Nigerians

Regarding the persistent hunger issues in Nigeria, Minister of Works Dave Umahi stated that they were caused by a build-up of insecurity that preceded the administrations of Chief Bola Tinubu and previous President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking on Sunday from his country home in Uburu, Ebonyi State, Umahi underlined that the current food crisis is a result of a number of long-standing problems, including the conflicts between farmers and herders that he oversaw while serving as the chairman of the NEC committee.

Umahi warned Nigerians not to anticipate a speedy conclusion from the Tinubu administration, pointing out that dealing with the intricate issues would require time.

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Umahi stated, “The present hunger that everybody is talking about, didn’t start today. It’s a build up to a number of factors. Before the past administration and present administration, we have been having a build-up of insecurity, we had farmers/herders clashes over a number of years at a long period of time.

“At a time, I was the chairman of NEC committee on resolving farmers/herders clashes. So, I went through a number of states especially the Northern States settling the farmers/herders clashes and it yielded a number of fruits.

“And so, you expect the administration of President Tinubu to fix all those things within nine months, it’s not possible. So, it’s a cumulative effect of the past like I have mentioned,” he added.


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