Nigerian leaders, followers need prayer — Gospel singer, Evangelist John Kola-Idowu

Renowned Gospel singer and evangelist, John Kola-Idowu, has led a solemn prayer dedication for Nigeria, calling upon the Christian community to intercede and pray for the nation’s well-being amidst its challenges.

Addressing journalists in Osogbo, the state capital of Osun, during a press conference, the dedication of Psalms 1-150 to the Christian faith, Kola-Idowu emphasised the significance of prayer in seeking divine intervention and guidance for the nation.

“In the midst of challenges and uncertainties, we turn to the timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance found within the Psalms to intercede for our beloved country,” stated Kola-Idowu, highlighting Nigeria’s myriad social, economic, and political challenges. He underscored the importance of unity in prayer, transcending tribal, religious, and background differences.

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The evangelist urged fervent prayer for Nigeria’s leaders, emphasizing the need for wisdom, justice, and integrity in governance.

He also called for prayers for the vulnerable and marginalized, seeking comfort and support for those in need.

While emphasising the role of prayer not only in spiritual upliftment but also in addressing the nation’s circumstances, Kola-Idowu urged Nigerians to pray against insecurity and for the nation’s economic recovery, harnessing the power of prayer for tangible transformation.

“As we lift our voices in prayer, may we be reminded of the words of Psalm 33:12, ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,’” stated Kola-Idowu, invoking blessings upon Nigeria amidst the solemn dedication.


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