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10 Best Moments We Can't Wait For in My Hero Academia Season 7



  • Season 7 of MHA adapts final arcs with epic battles and reveals, including the identity of the Class 1-A traitor.
  • Exciting moments such as Suneater’s big attack and Deku’s arrival creates hype for MHA’s seventh season.
  • Intense battles, emotional moments, and revelations contribute to making Season 7 potentially the best of My Hero Academia yet.

Season 7 of My Hero Academia has finally started adapting the series’ final arcs, which includes at least ten incredible moments fans can’t wait to see animated. The manga by Kohei Horikoshi is approaching its ending with incredibly epic chapters that are seemingly wrapping up the Final War arc. Season 7 of the anime will see a large portion of that war and a lot of its best moments adapted once again by the talented Studio Bones.

The previous season of MHA‘s anime was arguably one of its best. Deku and the other heroes failed to prevent Shigaraki from receiving the All For One Quirk, which had dramatic effects during the Paranormal Liberations War Arc. However, that season’s adaptation of Deku’s Dark Hero Arc was a notable highlight that finally saw Izuku Midoriya become a force of nature by learning to use all seven of the Quirks included in One For All.

After learning to accept help from his friends, instead of taking on the villains himself, Deku and the beloved cast of MHA are preparing for the story’s final confrontations. The recently jailbroken All For One, League of Villains, and the evolving Shigaraki are also ready to help provide what could be the best season of My Hero Academia yet. Especially if these ten best moments are adapted with the level of quality Bones has delivered in the past.

Seasons of
My Hero Academia
have normally adapted 65 – 70 chapters of the manga, so Season 7 may adapt chapters #328 – #398.

10 The Mole Of Class 1-A Comes To Light

My Hero Academia Manga Chapters #336

More than a couple of times throughout Deku and Class 1-A’s adventures, the League of Villains seemed to have insider knowledge to stage attacks on the young heroes that could have only come from a mole. Season 7 of My Hero Academia will finally see who the traitor of UA High School really is. Although they, too, have helped through trials and tribulations, it’s finally revealed that the Naval Laser using Yuga Aoyama is the traitor who has leaked information about Class 1-A to those who intend them great harm.

Season 1 saw Shigaraki, an advanced Nomu, and other members of the League of Villains stroll into a UA training course to create havoc. They again used insider information in Season 3 to kidnap Bakugo during the Forest Training Camp Arc, which inadvertently led to All Might’s United States of Smash moment against All For One. It was all made possible because AFO threatened the safety of Aoyama’s family. However, he makes up for the grief by playing an essential role in getting the upper hand against the villain’s forces at the beginning of the Final War arc.

9 The Big Three’s Big Attack Against The Big Bad

My Hero Academia manga chapter #362

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Suneater Plasma Cannon Shigaraki

My Hero Academia‘s Overhaul arc had many highlights, including introducing and showcasing the powerful members of the UA’s Big Three, especially Suneater. Although his character’s design strongly resembles the cool and confident Uchiha Sasuke from the Naruto series, he suffers from crippling self-esteem issues throughout the series. Still, his Manifest Quirk, which allows him to form and utilize the abilities of any food that he’s digested, makes him one of the series’ most unique heroes. And season 7 of MHA should feature his greatest moment in the battle against Shigaraki.

Suneater can manifest hard defenses with clam shells, giant sharp chicken talons, huge octopus tentacles, and much more, with brilliant finesse and timing to defeat foes. Still, even with Shigaraki’s Quirks being suppressed, the villain proved to be too much to overcome, so with the help of Nejiare’s Wave Motion Quirk, Suneater finally unleashed everything in his arsenal to form a destructive Plasma Cannon that fired a colossal laser that could be seen from miles away. It becomes the Big Three’s best moment after Mirio delivers a satisfying punch to Shigaraki’s face after he tries to mock the epic attack.

8 Deku’s “I AM HERE” Moment Smashes Shigaraki Like A Ton Of Bricks

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter #366

Manga panel from My Hero Academia 366 shows Deku landing a fast kick against Shigaraki whose covered in finger-like armor.

The battle against the Quirk-suppressed but rapidly regenerating Shigaraki on top of the flying UA fortress began to look direr and direr for the heroes. Most notably, Lemillion, Suneater, and Bakugo did everything in their power and took heavy losses against the unstoppable foe. After Bakugo took a fatal hit, the ever-positive and energetic Mirio began to lose hope. That’s when, like a bullet, Deku arrived at the battle after slingshotting between Star and Stripe’s fighter jet squad.

In the manga, Deku’s entrance to the Shigaraki fight is another glorious example of Horikoshi’s extraordinary talents as an artist. Clever paneling and thoughtful writing helped create a sense of dread that helped the moment feel monumental and surprising. After being teleported to another battlefield, it was uncertain if and how Deku would arrive to deal with Shigaraki. One of the series’ most optimistic characters, Lemillion, begins to lose face only to be saved by Deku at the last moment. It is one many fans wait to see adapted in season 7.

7 Toga and Ochaco’s Love Triangle Almost Kills Everyone

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter #375

Himikao Toga and Ochaco Uraraka have had a complex love triangle going on between them and Deku for a long stretch of My Hero Academia‘s story. Season 7 will finally see how that resolves and the fearsome heights that Toga’s Transform Quirk reaches. Although Toga’s battle begins against Ochaco and Froppy, the situation quickly escalates to become a much bigger problem for a lot more people before its shocking conclusion.

Like many of the League of Villains in the Final War arc, Toga proves to be a world threat with her Quirk in MHA season 7. By consuming the blood of other people, she can transform into anyone. However, she learns that the stronger her feelings for the person, the more she can control their Quirk. This gives her access to more Quirks, one of which belonged to arguably MHA‘s most tragic character, Twice. His Double Quirk allows its user to create an unfathomable amount of physical clones, leading to an overwhelming force that changes every battle in the war.

6 The Todoroki Family Finally Comes Together

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter #390

The climate-changing battle between the elder and youngest Todoroki sons finally provided Shoto a moment to surpass his top-tier battle against Deku in Season 2’s Sports Festival. While Toya’s flames proved worthy of being his father’s successor, he ended up subdued by new ultimate attacks from Shoto’s combinations of his Ice and Fire Quirks. However, due to some clever planning and Kurogiri’s intervention, the reignited Toya was teleported to All For One’s battlefield, dramatically changing the tides once again.

The physical manifestation of Endeavor’s abusive behavior had finally arrived in front of his broken body, which provided All For One the chance he needed to escape. Toya began to overheat and threatened to detonate everything within a 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) radius. Toya’s family, including his mother, arrived and stayed in the blast radius to use their Quirks to lessen the damage in any way they could. The moment was even more impactful when the speedster Ingenium and Shoto combined their powers to travel faster than any MHA character to arrive in time to freeze Toya and save countless lives.

5 The Ultimate Stand of America’s Number #1 Hero, Star and Stripe

My Hero Academia Manga Chapters #329 – #334

Season 7 of My Hero Academia opens with Star and Stripe’s gigantic battle against the fearsome Shigaraki, who is still figuring himself out after taking on the All For One Quirk. She was teased at the end of Season 6, and as America’s number #1 hero, it doesn’t take long to demonstrate how she’s earned the title. Her New Order Quirk was one that even the ultimate villain All For One feared, and the first few episodes of MHA Season 7 showcase exactly why.

Star and Stripe’s Quirk New Order allows her to instate a maximum of two rules on herself, inanimate objects around her, and even her opponents. With such an ability, she creates a giant version of herself by altering the air around her and delivers several larger-than-life attacks that would defeat almost any foe in MHA‘s world. Her battle with Shigaraki is one of the series’ largest yet and an excellent way to begin a season that dares to go even bigger.

4 Endeavor Finally Surpasses All Might Against All For One

My Hero Academia Manga Chapters #345 – #364

The Final War arc begins after the powerful villains and the heroes chosen to deal with them are thrown into portals and divided across different locations in Japan. One of the most intense battles from that clever strategy pits Endeavor and Hawks against All For One’s original body, who still had much to offer even though he’s transferred the full might of his Quirk to Shigaraki.

Japan’s top-rated Pro Heroes and several other young heroes use everything they have to stop All For One. While many members of Class 1-A showcase a new pinnacle of their powers, it’s the battered Endeavor’s rage and phenomenal firepower that finally delivers more damage onto the series’ ultimate villain than All Might ever did. It’s an epic battle that Bones and My Hero Academia‘s talented voice cast will surely knock out of the park.

3 The Youngest Todoroki Teaches His Big Brother To Chill

My Hero Academia Manga Chapters #350 – #352

The Todoroki conflict brewed for many of MHA‘s seasons and finally began to explode when Dabi revealed his identity as the thought-dead eldest son of the Todoroki family, Toya. His reveal shattered his father’s psyche and the world’s faith in the current number #1 hero. Still, the fractured family came together, and in season 7 of the My Hero Academia anime, Shoto versus Dabi will finally happen and be the hottest fight the series has ever seen.

As a child, Toya was desperate to appease his abusive father and grew extraordinarily jealous of his younger brother, Shoto. In one of My Hero Academia‘s more twisted plotlines, Endeavor strove to have a child who could surpass All Might, which he believed required the combination of ice and fire Quirks to accomplish. The strength of Toya’s flames increased with his hatred, and his battle against Shoto will see that fiery rage on full display and more.

2 All Might Goes Beyond Expectations In Rematch Against All For One

My Hero Academia Manga Chapters #396 – #401

After delivering the United States of Smash against AFO, arguably the most satisfying punch in the My Hero Academia series, All Might had been left in a weakened state. This is one reason why his ultimate rematch against the de-aging All For One felt so satisfying. Using many of the world’s most advanced support items and inspirations for Class 1-A’s abilities, Armored All Might essentially became MHA‘s version of Iron Man in order to slow down the series’ ultimate villain from reaching Deku and Shigaraki.

The battle is as emotional as it is epic, thanks to the wide range of abilities and attacks that All Might is able to land on the psychotic AFO. Despite lacking a body capable of helping in the fight against the villains, All Might does everything he can think of and exceeds fans expectations in a battle he did not expect to return from. It will serve as a poignant ending for season 7 or a dramatic way to start season 8, which will likely be My Hero Academia‘s final season.

1 Shigaraki Lands A Mighty Blow To Audiences and Bakugo’s Heart

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter #362

deku and bakugo volume 37 cover

The rivalry between Bakugo and Deku is one of modern Shōnen’s most entertaining bonds, and the battle between Shigaraki and Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight sees the young hero reach unbelievable new heights. Still, after taking severe damage and unsure if his newfound utilization of his Explosion Quirk would kill him, all Bakugo could think of was Deku.

Bakugo was in the zone and using his Quirk to create nitroglycerin boosts in his bloodstream to increase his mobility more than ever, with moves that even had Shigaraki panicking. Horikoshi made it more heartbreaking when, almost immediately after Bakugo achieved a new level of power with his Explosion Quirk, he took a fatal hit to the chest and the heart from Shigaraki.

Throughout My Hero Academia‘s story, Bakugo has pushed himself to keep up with Izuku in the race to claim the title of Number #1 Hero, Shigaraki will put a stop to that contest in Season 7 of MHA. As emotional and intense as chapter #362 of Horikoshi’s manga was, studio Bones will surely make Bakugo’s incredible moment hit even harder, especially if fans are left to speculate on the young hero’s true fate between seasons 7 and 8 of the anime.

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