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10 Lord Of The Rings Characters Who Can Return In The Hunt For Gollum


  • The
    Hunt for Gollum
    movie, produced by Peter Jackson and Warner Bros., may see many famous
    Lord of the Rings
    characters return.
  • The movie includes the possibility of exploring Gandalf, Arwen, and other key figures in the pursuit of Gollum.
  • It would make sense for Aragorn and Galadriel to help Gandalf while he is looking for Gollum.



The latest news for fans of The Lord of the Rings is that Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. are making a The Hunt for Gollum movie, with the possibility of many famous Lord of the Rings characters returning. Peter Jackson is producing The Hunt for Gollum, while Andy Serkis himself is directing it, as well as starring as the title character. Warner Bros. took down the Hunt for Gollum fan film on the basis of copyright infringement after its 15 years online, during which it accumulated 13 million views on YouTube; it reappeared online shortly after a negative backlash.

This fan-made movie depicts Aragorn tracking Gollum and trying to catch him with a series of traps before Gollum is eventually captured by the Elves of Mirkwood. Warner Bros.’s Hunt for Gollum movie may revolve around the same plot; alternatively, it could begin as early as the time that Sméagol acquires the One Ring. With a broader timeline, many of Lord of the Rings’ immortal characters could appear in different capacities over the centuries as they endeavor to discover what happened to the One Ring. The original actors could reprise these roles, or they could be recast.


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10 Gandalf

Played by Ian McKellen in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Gandalf’s sympathetic approach to Gollum would be a useful plot point in a movie that is about Gollum.

The most obvious character to return for The Hunt for Gollum is Gandalf. By the time of Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf is at least aware of Gollum’s existence, and that Gollum had a strange magical ring for some time before Bilbo (Ian Holm/Martin Freeman) stole it from him. Gandalf investigates Gollum’s history with the Ring and even tells Frodo (Elijah Wood) that they should pity Gollum because of what the Ring has done to him.

Gandalf’s sympathetic approach to Gollum would be a useful plot point in a movie that is about Gollum. Most people are disgusted by him, even Sam (Sean Astin), a generally kind character. Gandalf and Frodo are the only proven exceptions. However, Frodo is unlikely to be in this movie, making Gandalf a valuable addition to the story when he might be Gollum’s only ally. Gandalf is clearly very invested in Gollum’s life due to his connection to the Ring.

9 Legolas

Played by Orlando Bloom in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Orlando Bloom has already returned for the Hobbit movies and might be open to returning to Middle Earth yet again. As an immortal Elf, Legolas would have been involved in the politics of Middle Earth for much longer than some other members of the Fellowship. It is plausible that Legolas ran across Gandalf or Elrond at some point in his long life and was pulled into an earlier, abandoned search for the Ring.

Additionally, it is established in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies that Legolas and Aragorn have known each other for some time. Since Aragorn is supposedly looking for Gollum at some point, Legolas could be a part of this storyline. Additionally, Gollum is held in Mirkwood for a time before escaping, where Legolas resides. There are several points in the story where the writers could incorporate Legolas if they wanted him to return.

8 Celeborn

Played by Marton Csokas in The Lord of the Rings.

Galadriel’s husband may appear in Rings of Power season 2 after being conspicuously absent from the flagship season. However, the show’s events take place long before Gollum enters the story. By the time The Hunt for Gollum takes place, Galadriel and Celeborn have presumably reunited and are living in Lothlórien. They are both long-time advisors to Gandalf, which is how they would re-enter any new Lord of the Rings properties.

Celeborn could have a bigger role in The Hunt for Gollum than he has in any previous Middle Earth properties. Gandalf is always consulting with Elrond and Galadriel in the movies; it would be interesting to see more conversation between him and Celeborn when the latter is presumably a part of the same circle of immortals as the rest. It would also be amazing to revisit the location of Lothlórien and explore more of its history through the cinematic medium.

7 Saruman

Played by Christopher Lee in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Saruman betrays Gandalf shortly after the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring, leaving the many years they worked together something of a mystery. Saruman advises Gandalf and comes to his aid in the Hobbit movies, but his presence is overshadowed by that of Elrond and Galadriel. The Hunt for Gollum presents the Lord of the Rings franchise with a unique opportunity to show moments where Saruman and Gandalf were true friends.

On the other hand, The Hunt for Gollum could be a vehicle for a character study of Saruman, showing his descent into darkness. While Gandalf is searching for Gollum and the Ring, Saruman may have been approached and corrupted by Sauron. Maybe it was another event around this time that led him to conclude he must join Sauron, or maybe it happened much earlier. All are interesting possibilities for Saruman’s return. However, he will need to be recast due to Christopher Lee’s passing in 2015.

6 The Witch-King

Played by Brent McIntyre and Lawrence Makoare in The Lord of the Rings.

While the heroes of Middle Earth are searching for the Ring to prevent Sauron from ravaging the land, his denizens are looking for it to solidify his power. Gandalf and the rest may have come into conflict with the Witch-King and the rest of the Nazgûl while they are all looking for the Ring. The return of the Witch-King provides ample opportunities for spectacular fight scenes — especially when some of Lord of the Rings’ most skilled fighters have yet to enter direct combat with this villain.

The Witch-King also claims some of the most amazingly spooky moments in the Lord of the Rings movies and would hopefully do the same for The Hunt for Gollum. Gollum isn’t a villain in the typical sense, so having another antagonist to fill that narrative role could strengthen the story. This could be the Witch-King, or his master, or both.


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5 Arwen

Played by Liv Tyler in The Lord of the Rings.

Arwen is underused by the plot of Lord of the Rings;Fellowship of the Ring made the smart change of making her the one who rescues Frodo, giving her one impressive action sequence. The Hunt for Gollum could allow Arwen to demonstrate that she is a capable warrior. It seems unlikely, based on her first scene with Aragorn in Fellowship of the Ring, that they had seen each other as recently as a few weeks earlier. However, there are other ways she could appear in the story.

If Aragorn is tracking Gollum just weeks before he meets Frodo at the Prancing Pony, Arwen could be the focus of another storyline elsewhere. Given their relationship, it could work to show them in separate places leading up to their meeting again. If the story takes place years earlier, fans might even be able to see Aragorn and Arwen meeting. This would be intertwined with the ongoing search for the Ring, possibly set just after the events of The Hobbit.

4 Elrond

Played by Hugo Weaving in The Lord of the Rings and Robert Aramayo in The Rings of Power.

Of course, if Arwen appears, it is more than likely that her father Elrond will as well. Elrond also prompts whether the Rings of Power cast could be involved with The Hunt for Gollum. Considering how old Elrond is in Lord of the Rings vs. Rings of Power — with the earliest the story could take place being 600 years before Fellowship of the Ring because of how old Gollum is — Hugo Weaving would probably make more sense.

However, Weaving also played Elrond in a flashback that takes place around the time of Rings of Power. Regardless of which actor returns to play him, Elrond has always been a peer and respected ally of Gandalf’s. Elrond was also present when Isildur (Harry Sinclair) failed to destroy the Ring and may have some insight into how it was lost. There are many potentially interesting ways Elrond could reveal information valuableto the hunt for Gollum.

3 Sauron

Played by Sala Baker and Alan Howard in The Lord of the Rings and Charlie Vickers in The Rings of Power.

Supposedly, Sauron never stopped looking for the Ring as he prepared to attempt to take Middle Earth once again. Since Sauron is only a ghostly figure or a fiery eye in Lord of the Rings, the return of Charlie Vickers or the casting of another actor could result in a new characterization for him in The Hunt for Gollum. Again, Sauron’s character offers the chance for the Lord of the Rings franchise to bridge the gap between the movies and the TV show.

Gandalf spends some time investigating Sauron/the Necromancer in the Hobbit movies and may have thought the threat was intermittently dormant. However, it stands to reason that Gandalf would have spent the intervening years learning more about this threat and how to overcome it in the event of a war. Gandalf and Gollum also meet at some point; it would be a very compelling scene if Gandalf tried to explain to Gollum what the Ring is and why they need to find it.

2 Galadriel

Played by Cate Blanchette in The Lord of the Rings and Morfydd Clark in The Rings of Power.

It will always make sense for Gandalf to seek out Galadriel for her input when it comes to defeating Sauron.

While she stays far away from the action in the Lord of the Rings movies, Rings of Power establishes Galadriel as a soldier who once passionately tracked Sauron, even when many believed he was gone. It would make the story more continuous if she were demonstrated to have the same vested interest in fighting Sauron by finding the Ring when she is much older. She could even speak with her younger self about the matter through a dream or vision, utilizing both actresses in a surreal scene.

Furthermore, Galadriel and Elrond are both keepers of the Elven Rings of Power, also relevant to the search for the One Ring. Galadriel gives the impression of having an incomparable knowledge of magic and Middle Earth’s history — perhaps even more vast than Elrond’s. It will always make sense for Gandalf to seek out Galadriel for her input when it comes to defeating Sauron.


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1 Aragorn

Played by Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of the Rings.

The plot of the fan-made movie suggests that Aragorn will be at the center of The Hunt for Gollum. At any time in his life, Gandalf might have asked Aragorn for help finding Gollum. It would provide ample opportunity for the audience to see more of the life of “Strider,” showing off his hunting and tracking skills.

Additionally, Aragorn is somewhat detached from the storyline of Gollum and the Ring in The Lord of the Rings, which primarily concerns Frodo and Gandalf. However, The Hunt for Gollum could contribute to Aragorn’s characterization profoundly by showing him having to resist the Ring’s power. The audience also doesn’t know how he would approach Gollum, a character with whom he never interacts in the movies. In ways like this, the Hunt for Gollum movie presents many amazing opportunities to build upon beloved characters.

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