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10 Powers Thanos Still Hasn't Used In 7 MCU Appearances


  • MCU Thanos’ powers, though impressive, didn’t include key abilities from the comics like energy projection and telekinesis, limiting his potential.
  • Thanos’ cosmic abilities, like creating force-fields and summoning the dead, could have added depth to his character in the MCU if explored.
  • Thanos’ immortality and progression in strength with each resurrection could have posed a greater threat in future MCU conflicts.



The Marvel Cinematic Universe primarily depicted Thanos as a brute bestowed with powers by the Infinity Gauntlet, but he actually has some of his own powers in Marvel Comics. Thanos served as the primary antagonist for the MCU’s The Infinity Saga, during which he collected the powerful Infinity Stones and used them to decimate the universe’s population. Despite Thanos’s numerous impressive displays of power in the MCU timeline, some notable superpowers from the comics were omitted.

Throughout the MCU, Thanos’s powers were relatively limited. The franchise aptly depicted his immense strength and durability, repeatedly fending off physical attacks from various Marvel heroes even without the Infinity Stones. When he later places all the Infinity Stones in his Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos was almost unstoppable. However, had he had his comic book powers as well, the Avengers may not have been able to defeat him.


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Thanos’s MCU Appearances

The Avengers (2012)

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

What If…? (2021-Present)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

10 Thanos Can Absorb And Project Cosmic Energy

See Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #38

Thanos showcases remarkable versatility in his energy projection abilities. He can emit pure energy as concussive force, magnetic energy, and infrared heat beams from his eyes. Additionally, Thanos utilizes disruptor beams and optic blasts to strike multiple targets simultaneously. The full extent of his energy projection capabilities remains ambiguous, yet his blasts have staggering potency, capable of overwhelming formidable foes like the Hulk and Thor.


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Thanos’ proficiency in manipulating energy underscores his formidable might and adds layers of complexity to his character, enhancing the grandeur and intensity of his confrontations within the Marvel Universe. Like many of Thanos’s innate powers, energy projection was omitted from Thanos’s depiction in the MCU. This was likely to highlight the power of the Infinity Stones while making Thanos beatable if stripped of the stones and the Infinity Gauntlet.

9 Thanos Is Telekinetic

See Thanos #12

In Marvel Comics, Thanos possesses telekinetic abilities that augment his already formidable power set. Despite this, his telekinetic prowess has not been depicted in the movies. In the comic lore, Thanos employs telekinesis to manipulate objects and enemies with his mind, showcasing a mastery over physical forces beyond his brute strength.

Though absent from Thanos’s MCU appearances, Thanos’s telekinesis could be explored in an episode of What If…? Introducing Thanos’ telekinetic abilities in the MCU would add a new dimension to his character and increase the complexity of his on-screen presence. With telekinesis, Thanos could exhibit a more nuanced and strategic approach to combat, controlling his surroundings and adversaries with devastating precision. This aspect of his power would further emphasize his status as one of the most formidable villains in the Marvel Universe, enhancing the scale and intensity of his confrontations in future installments.


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8 Thanos Is Capable Of Telepathy

See Thanos #11

Thanos has some telepathic abilities in Marvel Comics, yet these powers are not depicted in the MCU. His mind is highly resistant to psychic attacks, rendering him immune to most forms of mental manipulation, including the Mind Gem. Thanos has demonstrated the capability to defend himself against assaults from powerful telepaths like Moondragon and Mantis. Moreover, he has utilized his telepathy to manipulate and control others, such as shutting down the Maker’s mind and compelling the Hulk to turn against his allies.

Introducing Thanos’ telepathic abilities in the MCU would have deepened his character’s complexity and increased the stakes of his conflicts. With his psychic powers, Thanos could have manipulated minds, sown discord among allies, and posed a more insidious threat to the Avengers and the broader Marvel Universe. He certainly would have been able to fend off the empathic attack from Mantis during the climactic battle on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War.

7 Thanos Can Live Without Food, Air, And Water

See Legendary Star-Lord #4

Thanos possesses remarkable resilience. He can survive indefinitely without food, air, or water. As a Titan Eternal, his physiology is sustained by his cosmic dynamism, granting him the ability to thrive without traditional forms of sustenance. Thanos is frequently depicted traveling through space with no need for air or sustenance. This exceptional endurance is a testament to his godlike nature and the incredible powers bestowed upon him in Marvel Comics.

While this aspect of Thanos’ character was not explicitly depicted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it remains consistent with his portrayal as a formidable cosmic entity. Although glimpses of his retirement on a farm in Avengers: Endgame showed him collecting food, the comics emphasize his ability to subsist without such necessities. Introducing this facet of Thanos’ physiology in future MCU projects would underscore his otherworldly origins and enhance the mystique surrounding the character.

6 Thanos Can Teleport

See Infinity Gauntlet #5

In Marvel Comics, Thanos has the ability to teleport himself across vast distances, a power he can wield independently of the Infinity Stones. He accomplishes this feat through his connection with his techno-mystical transport chair or through his inherent abilities as an Eternal. Like all Eternals, Thanos can teleport using his will alone, without relying on external devices or artifacts.

While there have been conflicting depictions of Thanos’ teleportation abilities in Marvel Comics, it has been firmly established that he can teleport without the aid of his throne. However, this aspect of his character was absent from the MCU, where his teleportation abilities were not explored or depicted. Introducing Thanos’ teleportation abilities in the MCU would have nullified the importance of the Infinity Stones, making them less necessary for the Titan’s evil schemes and making him too difficult to defeat.

5 Thanos Can Create Force-Fields

See Thanos: The Infinity Revelation #1

Thanos also has the formidable ability to create force-fields, deploying defensive barriers for personal protection and tactical advantage. These barriers are incredibly potent, capable of withstanding assaults from beings of immense power like the Incredible Hulk. Thanos’ mastery over force-fields is so complete that he can form obstructive bubbles and traps to detain objects or enemies of any caliber in Marvel Comics.

While Thanos’ force-field abilities have been a significant aspect of his character in the comics, they were notably absent from his appearances in the MCU. Instead, the MCU depicted a comparable ability through the Infinity Stones, showcasing the character’s immense power in a slightly different manner. Introducing Thanos’ innate force-field abilities could have undermined the importance the Infinity Stones play in Thanos’s plan and, indeed, the wider Marvel universe.

4 Thanos Cannot Permanently Die

See Thanos Imperative #4

One of the main differences between Thanos’s abilities in Marvel Comics and the MCU is his immortality. As an Eternal, Thanos is impervious to diseases, infections, and the effects of aging, granting him a lifespan that stretches indefinitely. Moreover, Thanos is barred from entry into Death’s realm, rendering him truly immortal. Though he can be killed, he will always return, regardless of the severity of any injury inflicted upon him. Thanos’s return is truly “inevitable.”

Thanos has died on numerous occasions in Marvel Comics, only to return from the dead and continue his evil machinations. This aspect of Thanos’ character offers intriguing possibilities for his return to the MCU. Even if seemingly defeated in Endgame, Thanos could find a way to return, defying death itself and continuing to pose a threat to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3 Thanos Becomes Stronger With Each Resurrection

See Thanos Annual (Vol. 2) #1

Regarding Thanos’s resurrections in Marvel Comics, the Mad Titan boasts a unique trait where he becomes progressively stronger with each death. Whether revived through external sources like the Celestial-derived Machine of Earth or through his own power, Thanos grows in strength after each death and subsequent return. This phenomenon is a result of his nature as a being who defies permanent death, constantly evolving and increasing in power with each successive revival.

Implementing this aspect of Thanos’ character in the MCU could introduce a compelling narrative arc where he returns as an even greater threat to the Marvel Universe. As he defies death, Thanos could emerge even more powerful than before, posing an ever-increasing challenge for the heroes to overcome. This would elevate the stakes of any future conflicts involving Thanos’s potential return to the MCU.

2 Thanos Can Summon Legions Of The Dead

See Thanos: The Infinity Finale #1

Thanos wields a chilling ability to summon and command legions of the dead in Marvel Comics. As Death’s favored servant, he has an innate affinity for controlling the departed, calling forth scores of undead warriors to fight alongside him when the need arises. This power was notably showcased when he summoned an army of undead to confront the Annihilation Wave, demonstrating the formidable might at his command.

While this aspect of Thanos’ character was absent from the MCU, his ability to amass such a formidable army remains shrouded in mystery. Though his relationship with Death was never explicitly depicted in the films, it’s possible that his ability to summon the dead could have played a role in his military prowess. Introducing this facet of Thanos’ powers and relationship with Death in the MCU could add another layer to his villainous motivations and abilities.


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1 Thanos Has A Cosmic Awareness

See Thanos: The Infinity Revelation #1

As depicted throughout Marvel Comics, Thanos possesses a cosmic awareness that extends far beyond the bounds of the universe. Through his extensive interactions with cosmic forces, he has developed a pan-dimensional insight, allowing him to perceive disturbances and imbalances in the fabric of space and time. Unlike typical wielders of Cosmic Awareness, Thanos can sense anomalies and changes not only within his own universe but also in adjacent realities.

This aspect of Thanos’ character was not depicted in the MCU, wherein he relied on scouts and spies for information about the Infinity Stones and their locations. This would have rendered much of The Infinity Saga and Thanos’s search for the Infinity Stones redundant in the MCU. However, if Thanos were to return from the dead, his cosmic awareness could be introduced, adding another mighty power to Thanos’s arsenal in the MCU.

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