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20 Most Memorable Quotes From The Lost Boys


  • “Vampires made colorful and cool.” The Lost Boys changed the game early on.
  • “Good guys and evil vampires dialogue.” Quotes needed to be cool AND dangerous.
  • “Frog brothers comic-inspired quotes.” Fiction meets reality in vampire hunting.

The Lost Boys quotes remain something that fans of the cult classic vampire movie still repeat to this day. This 80s hit made being undead not just scary, but also cool and sexy long before Twilight made the genre a young adult favorite. Directed by Joel Schumacher, The Lost Boys made vampire movies colorful and added a young adult slant to the entire genre. However, it wasn’t just the bright color palette and the trendy music, but the dialogue from the good guys and the evil vampires that made everything seem cooler than dangerous.

The Lost Boys is about some young vampires living in Santa Carla, California. They set their sights on the new guy in town, Michael (Jason Patric). It’s up to Michael’s little brother, Sam (Corey Haim), and comic store proprietors the Frog brothers to save Michael from joining the ranks of the undead. With names like Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, and more, there were some of the biggest names of 80s young adult movies to deliver Lost Boys quotes that come across both as over-the-top and ridiculous in equal measure.


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20 “Flies And The Undead Go Together Like Bullets And Guns.”

Edgar Frog

The Frog Brothers (Jamison Newlander and Corey Feldman) posing in the comic book store in The Lost Boys.

If there is one person in The Lost Boys that has all the best one-liners, it is Edgar Frog. Played by Corey Feldman, he was one of the Frog Brothers, two teens who fancied themselves vampire hunters. Out of the two Frog Brothers, Edgar was also the one who thought he knew everything there was to know about vampires thanks to the fact that he studied them from comic books.

That fact alone makes this quote make more sense as he knows about vampires from fiction and equates the flies from Dracula with the connection between bullets and guns – one can’t exist without the other. With the Frog Brothers being all talk and knowing what they know from comics and movies, it is no surprise that most of their quotes come straight out of fiction, and it isn’t always right.

19 “You Don’t Have To Beat Me, Michael. You’ve Just Gotta Try And Keep Up.”

David Powers

David looking at someone in Lost Boys.

When David and his gang began to turn Michael into a vampire, they knew from the start that they were more powerful than he was. He was an infant vampire in a town of the undead who had fed on it for years. David, the leader of the gang, was also one of the most powerful other than his master, Max. He knew that there was little chance that Michael could beat him in anything, whether it was a fight, a race, or hanging from a train bridge.

This quote allowed David to make sure that Michael knew who the alpha dog was and who was expected to be the follower. It is also the start of Michael wondering if he really needed to follow the elder vampire because David throwing his weight around was a bullying tactic that Michael wasn’t keen to follow.

18 “Wait A Second, Let Me Get This Straight. You’re Telling Me We’ve Moved To The Murder Capital Of The World?”

Sam Emerson

Sam reading comics in Lost Boys.

When Sam and his family moved in with their grandfather, no one seemed happy to be going. Mom had just gotten divorced and was not in a better place. Sam had to leave his friends and was not happy about it. He also wasn’t happy when he saw his brother Michael start to make some friends who looked a little less than desirable.

It was all set up when they asked their grandfather about the town, and he admitted that there had been some bad things that had happened there, this led to Sam’s comment, which turned out to be truer than not. Grandpa knew all along about the vampires and mysterious deaths, but he chose to keep that to himself. This quote was possibly just to make Sam be more careful when he was out in the town at night, but all it did was make Sam even more scared when things started to go bad.

17 “This Is Just A Cover. We’re Dedicated To A Higher Purpose. We’re Fighters For Truth, Justice, And The American Way.”

Edgar Frog

The Frog Brothers (Jamison Newlander and Corey Feldman) and Sam (Corey Haim) in the comic book store in Lost Boys.

The Frog Brothers were very much ready to fight and kill every vampire in their town. However, they believed they were doing this undercover, with no one knowing what they were up to. Of course, looking at them, it was clear that they were up to something. This led to them wanting to have a “secret identity,” which was them working in a comic book store. They considered this a cover for their real jobs — vampire hunters.

The fact they also learned all they did about vampires from reading comics also showed why they chose to claim Superman’s tagline as their own. They think they are heroes, and while they likely never even faced a vampire until Sam led them to the gang that turned his brother, they still feel like their job is to save the world, as much as the superheroes they loved so much from the comics.

16 “Don’t Ever Invite A Vampire Into Your House, You Silly Boy. It Renders You Powerless.”


Max in his store in Lost Boys.

Max didn’t have too many moments to shine, as he was mostly the hidden villain until the fateful dinner where everything finally broke down. It was at that dinner that he finally revealed who he was and what he was there to do. He then delivered this great line, explaining that – as much as the Frog Brothers knew about vampires, they forgot one important thing. You can’t invite a vampire into one’s house without giving him all the power.

It’s a memorable and important line about the rules of facing vampires. It also shows that despite some of the vampire lore not working (like garlic), some of the lore from Dracula is true. Once they invited him in, nothing they did could hurt him — at least as far as the traditional manner of taking down a vampire is concerned. This also helped show the arrogance and condemnation of Max, which made his eventual demise that much better.

15 “Good Night Blood Sucker!”

Edgar Frog

David (Keifer Sutherland) challenging Michael in the cave in The Lost Boys.

The Frog brothers were known for their immense hatred of all vampires, their vampire-hunting skills that everyone else seemed to laugh at, and their one-liner quotes. Edgar Frog doesn’t miss the opportunity to yell out a one-liner quote as he attempts to kill one of the vampires in David’s group. It was a nice moment. After being ridiculed for so long, and likely longer than anyone would know since they have had this mission for much longer than the movie showed, they deserved a moment to be heroic.

It was a perfect Lost Boys quote for the brothers to let everyone know they were not only there to kill bloodsuckers, but they had no problem rubbing it in before doing so, which is why they are some of the best Lost Boys characters.

14 “Lucy, You’re The Only Woman I Ever Knew That Didn’t Improve Her Situation By Getting Divorced.”


Lucy and Max in Lost Boys.

Lucy decides to move back to the small Californian town of Santa Carla and bring her two young sons to live with her father after going through a divorce. Her father isn’t one to hold in his thoughts or opinions whether it’s about the high death rate in the town, the vampires that plague the city, or his thoughts about his daughter’s divorce.

It’s a surprisingly supportive Lost Boys quote as he wants the best for his daughter and wants her life to be better, yet it’s a funny generalization saying that most women are better after leaving unsupportive partners. Of course, it is also a problem that the one person she feels connected to in the new town is the leader of the vampires, and that she is once again teetering on another toxic relationship without even knowing it.

13 “Drink This, Michael. Become One Of Us.”

David Powers

Kiefer and Jami on a bike in The Lost Boys.

David seeks out Michael from the beginning of the movie and wants to convince him to become a vampire and join their gang of young vampires. Michael is entranced by Star and goes out with her and her friends, including David. After David turns Michael, his Lost Boys quotes tell him to drink a goblet full of blood, so he can become one of them. Michael still doesn’t fully understand what’s happening in the scene. However, he goes along with everything anyway. This is the quote that starts Michael’s downfall.

It is also a trope for horror movies, and it plays out at this moment. A person usually only starts to suffer the downfall when they willingly enter into the darkness by their own choice. When Michael took the drink, he let himself in and that doomed him and his family to the dangers that followed.

12 “If All The Corpses Buried Around Here Were To Stand Up All At Once, We’d Have One Hell Of A Population Problem.”


Michel trying to save Star in The Lost Boys.

Michael and his younger brother Sam move to their grandfather’s house at the start of the movie, and he seems to know something about the small Californian town. Everyone just dismisses his odd yet memorable Lost Boys quotes at the beginning of the movie including this one talking about all the corpses buried around the town. If they had paid more attention, or even asked some simple questions, the Emersen family might have avoided some dangerous situations and prepared themselves for the vampire threat.

Of course, this is also a nonsense statement because this is literally the case with any city in America. If all the corpses stood up at once, every town would be overrun. However, in the case of this specific town, it is the vampires who caused the problems and Grandpa knows all about it.

11 “You’re A Creature Of The Night, Michael. Just Like Out Of A Comic Book.”

Sam Emerson

Sam and Michael in The Lost Boys.

Sam gets an early heads up from comic book aficionados-slash-vampire hunters Edgar (Feldman) and Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander) about the proliferation of vampires in Santa Carla. Sam is not a fan of horror comics or much of a believer in supernatural bad guys. Then Michael starts sleeping all day, relying on sunglasses as more than an accessory, and throwing around some serious attitude. When Sam sees Michael’s reflection fading in a mirror, the Frog brothers’ warning becomes a reality.

Sam’s bratty kid brother’s reaction and Lost Boys quotes are oddly believable and absurd at the same time. He knows that his brother is dangerous now, but he also knows that this is his older brother, so he can’t take it as seriously as he might if faced with another vampire. He is just catching on here, but Sam’s quote is perfect for the situation.


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10 “You Better Get Yourself A Garlic T-Shirt, Buddy, Or It’s Your Funeral.”

Edgar Frog

Sam scared in The Lost Boys

Once Sam strongly suspects Sam is a vampire or something close to it, he turns to the resident experts, the Frogs. Edgar and Alan’s motto is there’s no such thing as a good vampire: brother or no brother, it’s up to Sam to kill or be killed. Sam isn’t quite ready to off his brother, so Edgar’s next Lost Boys quote is to go old school.

Twenty-first-century vampires aren’t immune to garlic, but, in the 80s, the Frog brothers still labor (they find out later it’s just a myth) under the misconception that it’s an effective tool to help ward off anyone or anything trying to give a potential victim a hickey from hell. They find out later in the movie that even garlic won’t save them from the vampires in their town, but as always, the Frog Brothers only know what they do about vampires from comics and movies.

9 “Kill Your Brother. You’ll Feel Better.”

Alan Frog

The Frog Brothers (Jamison Newlander and Corey Feldman) and Sam (Corey Haim) holding each other as they fight off vampires in The Lost Boys.

The Frog brothers not only know Santa Carla is a “haven for the undead,” but they also believe in ghouls and werewolves and many other forms of ghouls and creatures. Their primary mission is to kill vampires. Alan’s words to Sam are simple as well as effective, but his delivery lacks sensitivity and is a bit too pragmatic. It’s up to Sam to convince the Frogs to help him save Michael who is technically only half-vampire.

The Frog Brothers should be up-to-date on all their vamp lore, but maybe their preoccupation with killing is responsible for their lack of knowledge regarding this very big loophole. The Frog Brothers assume that all vampires need to die, and they don’t believe there is any turning back. However, telling Sam to kill his brother is ridiculous and fits the brothers’ perfectly.

8 “Initiation’s Over, Michael, It’s Time To Join The Club.”

David Powers

Vampires hanging from a bridge in The Lost Boys

David speaks these Lost Boys quotes right before Michael sees him and his undead minions for the monsters they are. It’s unusual for bad guys to wait until the film is half over to reveal themselves, and The Lost Boys slowly builds up to this climactic moment. Throughout the movie, there’s evidence that terrible things are happening, but a scary movie can’t leave everything up to viewers’ imaginations. The moment that the vampires bare their fangs, things change gears quickly.

Michael finds himself an unsuspecting but not necessarily unwilling spectator to a gruesome spectacle. He suspects what’s coming, but he has to know for sure. The vampires revealing their nature to Michael turns the movie into something new. It went from Sam wondering if things were real to the threat starting to take form and the vampires beginning their rampage.

7 “You’ll Never Grow Old, Michael, And You’ll Never Die. But You Must Feed!”

David Powers

David holding Michael as a vampire in The Lost Boys

The audience knows David (Kiefer Sutherland) and his gang are supposed to be powerful vampires, but there’s only one scene in the movie when Michael witnesses it firsthand, and it isn’t pretty. Michael demands answers from David, and he gets them. Any lingering doubts disappear just like the bodies of David’s victims. Vampires don’t have to adhere to any moral codes or be law-abiding citizens, but looking good forever comes at a steep price, and these vampires don’t make do by sipping on the local wildlife or stealing from blood banks.

David is the most popular vampire in the series, and while he might not be as popular as his maker, Max, he is more powerful than his friends. He is also much more powerful than David, who is a newborn. David shows his power here, and he won’t let anyone talk down to him. This is where David learns the true threat he faces.

6 “She’s One Of Them! And Don’t Tell Me It Doesn’t Make Her A Bad Person, Mike.”

Sam Emerson

Star in the Lost Boys

Star (Jamie Gertz) arrives at Michael’s after he learns why Santa Carla is the “Murder Capital of the World.” Sam is still struggling to come to terms with Michael being a half-vampire, and now the beautiful girl with great hair who gets them into this mess shows up. The Lost Boys does avoid the clichés of bats and mist, but Star doesn’t use the front doors or the stairs to get into Sam’s second-floor bedroom.

Sam’s go-to Lost Boys quotes remain a mix of panic and humor every time his comic book content jumps off the page, causing life to imitate art. It is also an interesting quote because Sam wants to save his brother, who is a half-vampire, and while he sees there is still good in his brother, he doesn’t know Rain and refuses to trust her. She is a big reason the vampires turned Michael.

5 “Even Though You’re A Vampire, You’re Still My Brother.”

Sam Emerson

Sam in the Lost Boys

With Michael growing weaker, there’s no choice but for Sam and the Frogs to take control of the situation. The LostBoys doesn’t work without the strong bond between Sam and Michael. The movie doesn’t spend much time establishing their emotional connection because this is a horror movie, not a serious drama. But it’s implied the two are tight. The line itself is funny, but Haim delivers it with genuineness, keeping it from becoming completely campy.

The moment is nice and proves that Sam is sticking with his brother and wants to help find his cure. Unlike the Frog Brothers, who feel they need to kill all vampires (and whatever monsters are out there), Sam wants to believe there is a chance for his brother. He doesn’t give up hope, and that is how he is finally able to save his brother from this gang of evil vampires.

4 “Holy S***, Vampire Hotel.”

Alan Frog

David and his gang of vampires in Lost Boys.

The Frog brothers are some of the best vampire hunters in movie history and take the job seriously, so they take Sam to look for the vampires to try to save Sam’s older brother Michael from being forced to be a vampire for his entire life. The three kids find where the vampires sleep during the day and see that they all sleep upside down hanging from the ceiling like bats. Alan Frog says this Lost Boys quote, commenting that it looks like a vampire hotel full of all the younger vampires sleeping during the day.

After this, they fail to kill the vampires and the movie becomes even more dangerous. The movie goes a long way to show how hapless and dense the Frog Brothers are, but they are also two of the most heroic characters in the story, as long as the vampires aren’t chasing them with their fangs out. Here, they tried a fun one-liner, as they are apt to do, but things go sideways anyway.

3 “Death By Stereo.”

Sam Emerson

Michael and Sam hiding in The Lost Boys.

These Lost Boys quotes may not rank up there with “Yippee-ki-ya, Motherf***er” or “Go ahead, make my day,” but it’s safe to assume Sam’s reaction to a vampire’s hi-fi-related death will always conjure up images of the heroes of The Lost Boys making their last stand. Audiences have seen many, many vampires meet creative ends but never as the result of low-end stereo equipment. If anything, this adds to the kitsch factor of the movie and its bright, 80s aesthetic.

While this quote might not be repeated as much today, it is a quote that fans love to hear. It was a cheesy one-liner that was up there with anything Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his movies released around this same time. It was also something that Joel Schumacher loved, as he proved when he had Mr. Freeze say, “Chill Out” a decade later in Batman & Robin.

2 “Great! The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch!”

Edgar Frog

Promo photo of the vampires in The Lost Boys.

Maybe it’s a twist fans saw coming, maybe not, but the biggest bad of all isn’t David after all, and Michael isn’t supposed to be the only vampire in the family. The Lost Boys boils down to being a twisted love story between video store owner Max (Edward Hermann) and Sam and Michael’s mom, Lucy (Dianne Wiest). All of this carnage occurs so that head vampire Max can sit at the head of the table on Thanksgiving with his extended homicidal family.

Max does his best to make his plans for Lucy and her sons sound like a Norman Rockwell painting while Edgar relies on an incongruous pop culture reference with these Lost Boys quotes. It is a funny quote that is a product of its time, but one that shows that the Frog Brothers know what is going on and it paints a brilliant picture of Max’s ultimate plan.

1 “One Thing About Living In Santa Carla I Never Could Stomach…All The Damn Vampires.”


Keifer Sutherland as David in The Lost Boys

With all the wild things taking place under his roof, Grandpa (Barnard Hughes) seems somewhat impervious, choosing to focus on his taxidermy. Looking back, there are some subtle clues he knows more than he lets on like his wariness regarding joining Max for dinner and those fence posts conveniently carved into large spikes. It’s such an unexpected and perfect way to end the movie, and the way Grandpa delivers the line is better than perfect.

Michael and Sam’s grandpa saved the day with minimal effort, and he considers vampires an annoying inconvenience. This is an unspoken downside to living in an otherwise idyllic town, the best Lost Boys quotes to end the movie. This shows that Grandpa always knew best and was the best twist in the movie and one of the funniest closing quotes in any horror movie.

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