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8 Biggest Outer Range Theories After Season 2's Twists & Reveals

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Outer Range season 3.


  • Perry changed the past creating a potential new universe with different events and characters.
  • Season 3 may reveal if alternate universes exist, or if Perry’s actions led to a rewriting of the timeline.
  • Royal and Autumn may be the only ones to remember the previous timeline.

Outer Range season 2 included a lot of twists and reveals, setting the stage for a lot of season 3 theories that try to guess what happens next. Although Outer Range season 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, the show has more than enough room to continue. Even though some important questions were answered, Outer Range season 2’s ending left a lot of loose ends left to be resolved. Additionally, the second season of Prime Video’s time travel show ended on a massive cliffhanger regarding Perry.

Between Perry changing the past and Amy becoming Autumn, Outer Range set up a very promising season 3. As with mystery box shows like Lost or Dark, Outer Range’s episodes usually introduce more questions than they answer. Although not having the answers to all of the show’s mysteries right away can be frustrating, it helps build anticipation for what Outer Range season 3 can deliver.

8 Perry Is Living In A New Universe After Outer Range Season 2’s Ending

Perry changed the past and may have created a new universe

Perry drastically changed the past at the end of Outer Range season 2 by preventing his younger self from killing Trevor during the bar fight. Additionally, Trevor killed Perry instead, making the changes to the timeline even more significant. If Outer Range’s time travel rules include the existence of alternate universes, Perry’s actions most likely created a brand-new timeline where Trevor was never killed. Outer Range season 3 could be set in this different universe Perry created or even jump back and forth from one universe to another.

In Outer Range season 1, episode 1, Perry comes home after killing Trevor and asks Royal for help. Royal then takes Trevor’s body and throws it down the Hole, hoping it will never be found. At the end of season 2, however, Perry threw his “own body” through the Hole and replaced his younger self in this timeline. With “season 2 Perry” switching places with “season 1 Perry” and Trevor alive, this new universe potentially created at the end of Outer Range season 2 should be massively different from the show’s main timeline.

7 Outer Range Season 3 Will Reveal Perry Changed The Timeline

There may not be alternate universes in Outer Range

Although the idea of Perry creating a new universe at the end of season 2 is very plausible, Outer Range may have a different type of time travel rules. In most time travel stories, changing the past either creates a new universe or sets a butterfly effect in motion that rewrites the same timeline from where the time traveler came from. It is unclear which one of those rules Outer Range follows, especially after Joy and Royal’s encounter in the past. If Perry didn’t create a new universe, he at least changed his timeline.

Outer Range could now be set in a timeline where most of the events of seasons 1 and 2 played out very differently from what viewers know. If Trevor never dies in Outer Range, Perry never goes to Royal asking for help, meaning Royal never takes a body to the Hole and runs into Autumn that night. Joy’s investigation also doesn’t happen, meaning she doesn’t become close to the Abbotts and doesn’t try to figure out what happened to Trevor’s body. Outer Range season 3 would essentially be a reboot of the show.

6 Royal & Autumn Will Be The Only Ones To Remember The Previous Timeline

Royal and Autumn’s memories could be very confusing after what Trevor did

If Perry saving Trevor and switching places with his younger self changed the timeline instead of creating a new one, there might only be two characters who remember the original timeline – Royal and Autumn. As the only two known main characters on the show apart from Perry and have used the Hole to travel through time, both Royal and Autumn could realistically have memories of the timeline from before Perry changed it. Interestingly, this could explain why Royal had a strong headache in Outer Range season 2’s finale.


10 Biggest Unanswered Questions & Mysteries Outer Range Season 3 Needs To Solve

Outer Range season 2 provided some important answers, but the show still has a lot of mystery boxes left to be solved in a potential season 3.

Royal’s brain may be struggling to assimilate the changes to the timeline, as he now has memories of something that did not happen. This would also explain why Autumn came back to life after being declared dead by the doctors, or why she previously said that not even death is irreversible. It will be interesting to see whether Royal’s memories of his past have changed now that Outer Range season 2, episode 4 retconned his origin story. Royal killed his dad to save Joy, who went back in time and ended up in 1886.

5 Outer Range Season 3 Will Be A “Remake” Of Seasons 1 & 2

Outer Range season 3 could revisit seasons 1 and 2

Regardless if Perry created a new universe or not, Outer Range season 3 could be a “remake” of seasons 1 and 2. The show would now follow a relatively similar storyline to season 1, except that much of it would play out differently due to the changes made by Perry. Even though Trevor is alive, something could still raise the tension between the Abbotts and the Tillersons. Autumn comes into play regardless of what happens to Trevor and Perry in Outer Range, meaning some things may not have changed in this new timeline.

Instead of continuing the story from where season 2 left off in the present, Outer Range season 3 could go back a few weeks earlier and follow the same period the first season covered. It is unclear how much time passes between Outer Range’s first episode and the end of season 2, but it wouldn’t be surprising if season 3 takes place almost entirely in this period. It would be interesting to spot the differences between the new timeline and the previous one, especially if the show later comes back to the present.

4 Outer Range Season 3 Will Visit Amy’s Future

Amy has yet to “become Autumn”

Outer Range season 2 confirmed Autumn is Amy from the future and brought the show full circle by having Amy wake up at another time and without her memories. The story of how Amy becomes Autumn in Outer Range is seemingly a closed loop, as Autumn’s actions in the past are what caused Amy to be sent to the future and lose her memories. After traveling through time, Amy woke up in a new desert area and wrongfully thought her name was “Autumn,” which was the only name she could remember.

Although much about Autumn/Amy was revealed in season 2, there are still some huge gaps in their stories. This is why Outer Range season 3 will likely spend a lot of time with Amy in the future, slowly showing how she became the Autumn viewers have known since season 1. Outer Range still has to reveal more about the cult Autumn was part of, and how she ended up going back to when Amy was still a child. The possibility of Amy returning to her timeline, thus changing Autumn’s past, can also not be ruled out.

3 Royal’s Past Will Be Changed Again In Outer Range

Royal’s past could be fluid in Outer Range

Assuming that Royal’s different backstory in season 2 was not a retcon but an in-universe decision tied to Joy’s trip to the past, season 3 could make another change to his past. Royal’s backstory in Outer Range is incredibly important to the show, but since he and his family are so connected to the Hole, everything about Josh Brolin’s character could be at risk of being rewritten due to time travel. For example, considering Perry revealed a lot of things to Royal about his future, that version of Royal could end up not living the life he was supposed to.

Outer Range
season 1, Royal tells Perry he killed his father by accident while they were hunting.

Joy going back to 1882 and staying there until 1886, the year in which Royal killed his father and fell through the Hole, may not be a coincidence. Royal’s childhood may be more connected to the Hole and its origins than he realizes, meaning his past could always be at risk of changing. It is still unclear what Royal remembers from the day he killed his father now that Joy has changed the past, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Outer Range revisits that day for a second time.

2 Outer Range Season 3 Will Reveal More About The Hole

What is the Hole in Outer Range after all?

Two seasons later, very little has been revealed about the mysterious Hole in Outer Range. So far, it is safe to say the Hole is connected to time, almost as if it is covering the flow of time itself. The Hole is tied to the black mineral, whose properties are also unclear but seem to be tied to time as well. On the one hand, the Hole’s time travel properties seem to be random – no one really knows when they are going when they jump. On the other hand, some “trips” were too convenient.


Outer Range Season 2 Reveals What Happened To Rebecca (& It’s Not What I Was Expecting)

Outer Range season 2 reveals what happened to Rebecca, and the truth about Perry’s wife proves most fan theories about her disappearance wrong.

For example, after being pushed down the hole by a younger version of his father, Perry went back to the night Trevor was killed instead of returning to the “present.” Likewise, Amy was presumably sent to the exact future where Autumn comes from. The biggest question regarding the Hole in Outer Range, however, is whether it is something that can be explained by science or not. Outer Range walks a fine line between science fiction and the supernatural, which is why theorizing about how the Hole works is so tricky.

1 Outer Range Season 3 Will Reveal Another Major Paradox

Outer Range has plenty of paradoxes already

There were at least three major paradoxes in Outer Range season 2. The first one is how Joy being in the past is the reason why Royal shot his father and ended up time-traveling into the future. Joy only traveled through time because she was investigating Perry and Royal’s family as a whole, yet the Abbotts as seen in the show only exist because Royal once killed his father and ran away in 1886. Another major paradox is that Perry “spoiled” Royal’s future by telling his father he was going to marry Cecile and have two kids, “Perry,” and “Rhett.”

Royal may have named his children after what Perry told him when they met in the past.

Lastly, Amy only went to the future and became Autumn because Autumn went to the past and eventually pushed Amy through the Hole. These paradoxes strongly suggest that Outer Range doesn’t deal with alternate universes but instead with closed loops within the same timeline. Either way, Outer Range will likely reveal at least one more major paradox in the next season. The Abbott’s family tree as well as their relationship with the Tillersons could become quite complex in Outer Range season 3 as a result.

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