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9 Powers Drax The Destroyer Still Hasn't Used After 7 Movies


  • Drax the Destroyer in the MCU missed showcasing powers like flight, energy projection, and telepathy seen in Marvel Comics.
  • Throughout the comics, Drax demonstrated abilities like sensing Thanos’ presence and having a healing factor, enhancing his formidable nature.
  • While MCU Drax focused on combat skills, his untapped powers could have added depth and excitement to his character portrayal.



Drax the Destroyer quickly became one of the most beloved heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the live-action adaptations missed some key powers. Drax the Destroyer was introduced into the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy. Drax subsequently appeared in both Guardians of the Galaxy sequels, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers:Endgame, and Thor: Love and Thunder. Since retiring from the Guardians of the Galaxy team in GOTG Vol. 3, it seems Drax’s tenure in the MCU timeline has concluded. As a result, a litany of powers may never be depicted in the franchise.

Drax the Destroyer has had a very varied array of powers through his numerous depictions in Marvel Comics. Initially transformed into a cosmic entity, Drax the Destroyer was killed and reborn on two occasions. Each of these rebirths saw Drax lose and gain a new collection of abilities, though he was always noted for his impressive combat prowess and immense strength.


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9 Drax The Destroyer Can Fly

See Iron Man (Vol. 1) #55

Marvel’s Arthur Douglas, once a simple human, underwent a cosmic metamorphosis at the hands of Thanos’s grandfather, Kronos, to become the formidable Drax the Destroyer. Bestowed with abilities, Kronos designed Drax to combat the Mad Titan. Drax’s transformation endowed him with extraordinary strength, resilience, and agility. Among his initial gifts was the power of flight, enabling him to soar across the galaxy with ease, including frequent visits to Earth.

Drax the Destroyer was depicted in many of his early depictions soaring through the cosmos and traversing the stars, where he tirelessly pursued justice and sought to thwart Thanos’s sinister ambitions. However, this aspect of his abilities remained unseen in his live-action portrayals within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is largely because the franchise chose to depict a later version of Drax after his resurrection. This rendition was stripped of these initial powers, focusing more on combat prowess than cosmic abilities.


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8 Drax Can Project Concussive Blasts From His Hands

See Iron Man (Vol. 1) #55

In his introduction in Iron Man (Vol. 1) #55, Drax the Destroyer showcased a formidable array of abilities, one of which was the capacity to project concussive blasts of cosmic energy from his hands. This power endowed him with a potent offensive capability, which he utilized in battles against cosmic entities, particularly Thanos. Drax’s mastery over these cosmic blasts added a dynamic element to his combat style, allowing him to engage foes both near and far with devastating force.

Throughout his confrontations with Thanos and other cosmic threats, Drax relies on this ability to turn the tide of battle and protect the universe from impending doom. However, following his resurrection, this power was among those lost, leaving him to rely solely on his physical prowess and combat skills in his continued quest against evil. As such, Drax the Destroyer’s concussive energy blasts were also omitted from the Marvel Cinematic Universe rendition.


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7 Drax Can Survive Without Air, Food, and Water

See Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A-Z #3

Upon his transformation into Drax the Destroyer, Arthur Douglas gained the remarkable ability to traverse the vast expanses of outer space and hyperspace without the need for sustenance. Unbound by the constraints of air, food, or water, Drax’s newfound resilience allowed him to journey across the cosmos with unparalleled speed and endurance. This extraordinary trait proved invaluable in his relentless pursuit of Thanos, as Drax tirelessly scoured the universe in search of Marvel’s Mad Titan.


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Fueled by his insatiable thirst for vengeance and justice, Drax’s capacity for interstellar travel became a vital asset in his quest to confront and defeat Thanos, wherever the cosmic tyrant may have sought refuge. With each light-year traversed and each galaxy explored, Drax’s determination remained unyielding, driving him ever closer to his ultimate goal of bringing Thanos to justice and safeguarding the universe from his malevolent schemes. As an especially cosmic ability with no real consequence for a cinematic portrayal, this was never discussed or mentioned in the MCU.

6 Drax Is Some Telepathic Powers

See Iron Man (Vol. 1) #55

Drax the Destroyer’s formidable abilities extend beyond his physical prowess, encompassing a degree of telepathic aptitude as well. In his debut appearance in Marvel Comics, Drax demonstrated this power by reaching out to Iron Man through telepathy, showcasing his capacity to communicate across vast distances with ease. However, it was in a subsequent encounter with Thanos that Drax’s telepathic abilities truly shone. Engaging the Mad Titan in a psychic battle, Drax displayed remarkable resilience and skill, managing to stalemate Thanos from mind to mind.

This confrontation underscored Drax’s multifaceted nature as a cosmic entity capable not only of brute force but also of mental prowess. Drax’s telepathic abilities were often overshadowed by his physical strength and combat prowess. However, Drax’s proficiency in the psychic realm added another layer of complexity to his character that was omitted from the movies. Like Drax’s flight and concussive blasts, Drax’s telepathy was missing when adapted to the MCU, though could have been very useful in locating the Mad Titan.

5 Drax Can Sense If Somebody Has Been In Contact With Thanos

See Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #35

Prior to Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet event, Drax the Destroyer faced a seemingly final demise, only to be reborn with enhanced physical prowess but at the cost of his mental abilities. Among the sacrifices was his telepathic prowess, leaving Drax bereft of his once formidable mental powers. However, his resurrection bestowed upon him a new and intriguing ability. Drax gained the remarkable capacity to sense the presence of either himself or others who had recently been in contact with Thanos.

This heightened sensitivity became a crucial tool in his relentless pursuit of the Mad Titan, allowing Drax the Destroyer to track his elusive foe across the Marvel cosmos with uncanny precision. While the loss of his telepathic abilities was a significant blow, Drax’s newfound talent served as a testament to his resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. This ability was likely omitted from the MCU as the franchise opted to depict Drax more as a warrior than a superpowered being.

4 Drax Has Some Precognitive Abilities

See Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #35

Following Drax the Destroyer’s first rebirth in Marvel Comics, his connection to Thanos evolved, granting him precognitive abilities as an extension of his Thanos-tracking power. Drax’s senses expanded to anticipate when beings would come into contact with Thanos in the future. This newfound ability was an invaluable asset during the mission to thwart Thanos’s quest for the Infinity Stones. Drax’s precognition enabled him to foresee potential encounters with the Mad Titan, allowing him and his allies to strategically intercept and attempt to prevent Thanos from obtaining the stones.

His prescient insights guided their efforts, offering a crucial advantage in their race against time and cosmic peril. Though Drax had relinquished some of his earlier cosmic powers, his acquisition of precognitive abilities underscored his continued evolution as a formidable cosmic force. While many of Drax’s other abilities may not have fit with the MCU’s version, Drax’s precognitive Thanos-tracking could have added a thrilling dynamic to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s pursuit of the Mad Titan.

3 Drax Has An Accelerated Healing Factor

See Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A-Z #3

Before Marvel’s Annihilation event, Drax the Destroyer faced death once more, only to be reborn in a diminished form devoid of his previous cosmic might. This transformation compelled Drax to adapt, leading him to adopt his iconic dual knives, a signature weapon later popularized in the MCU. Despite losing his cosmic powers, Drax’s rebirth bestowed upon him a new set of abilities, including an accelerated healing factor. This newfound resilience enhanced Drax’s survivability and combat effectiveness, compensating for the loss of his former cosmic prowess.


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Drax the Destroyer became able to survive otherwise fatal wounds, healing from them at a rapid pace. While the MCU certainly depicted Drax the Destroyer’s durability and ability to withstand immense punishment in combat, the franchise didn’t explicitly depict any healing powers. This would, however, explain how Drax was able to repeatedly face immense threats throughout his cinematic appearances, such as fighting the Abilisk in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opening scene.

2 Drax Can Detect When Energy Weapons Are About To Fire

See Guardians Of The Galaxy (Vol. 2) #5

Following his second Marvel rebirth, Drax the Destroyer acquired a unique ability to sense when energy weapons were about to discharge. This skill proved helpful in countless combat scenarios alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy in Marvel Comics. This heightened awareness enabled Drax to anticipate and evade incoming attacks, providing a crucial advantage in the heat of battle.

While this ability enhanced Drax the Destroyer’s effectiveness as a warrior, it likely went unnoticed in his live-action portrayals, as its inclusion could potentially diminish the sense of peril in cinematic confrontations. Nevertheless, within the pages of Marvel Comics, Drax’s keen perception became an essential tool in his arsenal, allowing him to navigate perilous situations with precision and finesse. As Drax the Destroyer continued to evolve and adapt to his ever-changing circumstances, his newfound ability served as a testament to his resourcefulness and unwavering commitment to defending the galaxy against all threats.

1 Drax Can Tell Humans From Aliens By Smell

See Annihilation: Nova #1

After Drax the Destroyer’s second rebirth in Marvel Comics, he acquired heightened senses sharp enough to discern humans from aliens by scent alone. This remarkable ability enabled him to detect even the most cunning Skrulls disguised as humans, adding a layer of intrigue and complexity to potential storylines. In the MCU, this facet of Drax’s character remained unexplored, yet if he were to continue in the franchise beyond his apparent retirement in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it could present intriguing narrative opportunities.

Drax’s unique talent could become a pivotal asset in unraveling Skrull infiltration plots in the fallout of the MCU’s Secret Invasion or aiding in the defense against future cosmic threats likely to challenge the Marvel heroes. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, incorporating Drax’s heightened senses could introduce new dynamics and challenges for the character, further enriching Drax the Destroyer‘s role in the ever-evolving tapestry of the MCU.

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