Abia PDP Seeks Forgiveness, Vows Renewal After Election Loss

The Abia State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has acknowledged shortcomings and seeks a second chance from voters. In a meeting at the party secretariat, officials apologized for missteps that contributed to their defeat in the last gubernatorial election.

Elder Amah Abraham, the party’s Acting Publicity Secretary, admitted to “enormous mistakes” made during their previous time in power. He pledged the party’s commitment to learning from these errors and charting a new course.

Elder Amah disclosed that the PDP administration was carried away by its welfarist agenda of engaging the youths, thinking it was for the good interest of the state and paid less attention to other integral part of governance which later worked against them at the polls.

Amah stated that the last administration engaged over twelve thousand Abia youths, payrolling them monthly and regretted the high number of youths engaged and the huge wage bill expended monthly for their payment,adding that, part of the funds would have been directed for the payment of pensions and other allowances of workers.

He said though the Dr Okezie Ikpeazu’s administration paid fifty one months out of the ninety six months in office and left unpaid forty five months, aside from clearing back log of pension arrears inherited from the previous government.

Elder Abraham likened the recent defections to a tree shedding leaves, a natural process that allows for new growth. He maintained that the PDP is attracting “political heavy weights” to replace those who left, ensuring the party’s strength moving forward.

“It is customary for an Iroko tree to shed its leaves during the dry season. That doesn’t mean the end of the tree, but to create an avenue for the tree to grow new leaves. In the past few months, our party has witnessed some shedding. It’s a necessary change which we are managing.

“Nature abhors vacuum. People left the party but in the coming days more political heavy weights will be joining the Party to replace the ones that left. Once you vacate your seat, another will definitely take over. PDP remains strong, we are not deterred. We remain the party to beat come 2027,” the party spokesperson stated.

Former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu also addressed the gathering, emphasizing an end to the imposition of candidates within the party. He assured members that the future will see a more democratic process for selecting leaders. He dismissed those who left the party as inconsequential and expressed optimism about the PDP’s prospects in the 2027 elections.

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