Andre Onana says it took him six months to ‘feel good in Man Utd’

“I arrived as the best goalkeeper in the world and ‘boom’ it went down”, he reflected on the beginning of his journey at Old Trafford

Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana has admitted it took him six months to “feel good” at Old Trafford after his high-profile transfer.

United acquired Onana for £47.2 million from Inter Milan in July, aiming to replace the four-time club player of the year, David de Gea. Despite high expectations, the Cameroon international’s start was rocky. On his Old Trafford debut against Lens, he was chipped from 50 yards and subsequently made several errors that contributed to the team’s poor Premier League form and elimination from the Champions League group stage.

Reflecting on his challenging start, Onana said, “I arrived as the best goalkeeper in the world and ‘boom’ it went down. It was like ‘what happened?’ But that is how difficult football is sometimes. It depends if you want to stay down there or stand up and fight. I know what I did to arrive here. I know who I am. I decided to stand up and fight.”

Onana’s journey at Manchester United highlights the challenges and pressures faced by top athletes, and his determination to overcome adversity.

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