Appointees from my zone causing problems for Ebonyi govt, says Nwifuru

Ebonyi State governor, Francis Nwifuru, has chided appointees from his zone, saying they have performed below average and creating problems for his government.

He noted that most of the commissioners from other zones were the pride of his administration, particularly the commissioners in charge of Commerce and Agriculture.

Nwifuru said he will not interfere in the local government election in the state and noted that reelection of any serving chairman will be determined by acceptance from the people.

Nwifuru stated during the meeting of the state chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Abakaliki that instead of using the media to publicize what he has done, he would rather use the money to build more infrastructure.

According to him, “If engage two media houses for live coverage and each charges 15 million naira for two hour making it 30 million naira and if it is 4 hours it will be 60 million naira. With 60 million naira, i will do more projects.”

He dispelled insinuations that his administration was slow in infrastructure development, adding that by May 29 he will unfold his masterpiece.

He thanked the people for their support since he became governor and assured them that his administration would remain focused.

“We started virgin roads and 13km have been concluded and we have 632k’m ongoing and when it comes to have human capital development, I will not talk about it,” Nwifuru said.

“Last year 29 May the former Governor said he was handing over to the person he tested and trusted. The word overwhelmed me, I analyze it and I believe it and I said we must have two industries.

“The cycling plant have been equip with new machines and as for today the machines are working, the pipe production plant is also working and we said let keep it in the cooler by 29 May we will burst it.”

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