BET Awards: Tems bags nomination for Video Director of the Year

The BET Awards released the list of nominees for Video Director of the Year, and Nigeria’s very own Tems made it to list.

Although they didn’t mention which video on particular, it still remains a huge deal bothering on the fact that she was nominated alongside other known video directors.

Tems bags nomination for Video Director of the Year.

Tems has been on a row, growing from a Nigerian fan base, to being known worldwide, and featured by various foreign artists.

She has featured in songs with top foreign artists like Drake and Future. Shortly before this, Tems was featured on Wizkid’s ‘Essence’ song, which skyrocketed her fame.

Still on the matter of Wizkid’s ‘Essence’ song, Canadian singer Justin Bieber shared a post, a few weeks ago, blaming Wizkid for tuning his career.

He said that his career hasn’t been the same, ever since he featured on the song, and that he regrets ever being on the song.

In usual Wizkid fashion, no public response was given, and although Justin Bieber deleted the post almost immediately, it still remains in circulation on the media till date.

While Wizkid didn’t respond to Justin Bieber, it didn’t stop him from trolling Davido with an embarrassing video, which led to a blown out beef.

Although Justin Bieber wasn’t happy with collaboration with Wizkid on ‘Essence’, he didn’t extend his ire to Tems, who he frequently promotes and supports on social media.

Tems teased a new album a few weeks ago, and Justin Bieber posted about it almost immediately, and Tems showed gratitude.

Recently, Tems linked up with Ayra Starr, and this singular sect left fans in shock, with suspicions as to whether both of them had a song together, which was coming up.

The link up between Tems and Ayra Starr came shortly after Tiwa Savag* and Simi, which raised more suspicion as to the reason behind their link up.

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