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Bill Skarsgrd's The Crow Reboot Criticism Is Damning For The Upcoming Horror Movie


  • Skarsgård’s criticism of The Crow’s ending hints at a non-definitive conclusion, possibly setting up for a sequel.
  • The 2024 reboot has faced backlash, including negative initial design backlash and poor trailer reception.
  • Skarsgård’s comments add to the negative press surrounding The Crow, raising concerns about the film’s quality.

Bill Skarsgård has one major criticism of The Crow reboot movie, with this statement being damning for the upcoming horror movie. The reboot of The Crow franchise is one of the most exciting movies of the summer, with it once again adapting the classic comic novel, following in the footsteps of the beloved 1994 Brandon Lee The Crow movie. However, things aren’t shaping up well for the upcoming film, with Bill Skarsgård’s criticisms of The Crow‘s ending being the latest in a long string of negative press that keeps occurring around the 2024 film.

Based on the James O’Barr comic series of the same name, 2024’s The Crow is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer, with Bill Skarsgård set to play the titular superhero role. After he and his fiancee are murdered on the night of their wedding, The Crow follows Eric as he returns to Earth as a vengeful supernatural entity in an attempt to get revenge on their killers. The critically acclaimed comic has already been adapted to film once in 1994, and this is set to happen again, with The Crow releasing on August 23, 2024.

Bill Skarsgård Admits He Would Have Preferred A Different Ending For His Crow Reboot

It Isn’t Definitive Enough For Him

Bill Skarsgård recently did an interview with Esquire, and while being asked about the upcoming The Crow reboot, the actor made a comment that many found quite shocking. While discussing the ending of the film, Skarsgård stated that he actually would have preferred that his The Crow reboot had a different ending. While the ending of 2024’s The Crow isn’t known yet, it is surprising for the main actor of a film to make a statement like this, with his statement of “I personally preferred something more definitive” being an interesting thing to say.

Now, Skarsgård’s comment about The Crow‘s ending isn’t necessarily bad, as it could mean a lot of things. Since the ending of 2024’s The Crow isn’t known yet, there are all kinds of possibilities as to what his comment implies, with not all of them being negative. It could be that this version of The Crow ends in a vague way, with Skarsgård simply having a personal preference for endings that aren’t left up to interpretation. However, since The Crow has a lot of bad news and negative buzz surrounding it, this could also be another bad sign for the reboot.


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The first trailer for The Crow remake shows Danny Huston as the main villain to defeat, but this version seems to have made him supernatural.

Bill Skarsgård’s Criticism Is The Latest PR Problem For The Crow’s Reboot

It Just Can’t Catch A Break

The 2024 reboot of The Crow has already had a lot of PR problems, and Bill Skarsgård’s criticism of the ending is only the latest instance of this. The Crow has had a lot of backlash since its initial reveal, with several factors working against it. Firstly, the first look at the new design of Eric was met negatively, getting unfavorable comparisons to Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad. Then, the first trailer also received poor reception. This is also combined with the director’s not-so-great track record, with him having directed 2017’s poorly received Ghost in the Shell remake.

These three details have caused The Crow to get all kinds of backlash, and now fans are starting to get worried about the ending. The main actor of a film coming out and making negative comments about a film before it is even released is almost unprecedented, which is why Skarsgård’s criticisms are so worrying. It is possible that things could be fine, but it sets up the scary possibility that the ending is such a mess that the main actor is already disowning it.


The Song In The Crow Movie Trailer Highlights A Big Problem With Bill Skarsgård’s Remake

The first trailer for The Crow remake is out now, and it features an interesting song choice, one that goes against the tone of the 1994 original.

So, We Now Know How The Crow’s Reboot Ends

It’ll Probably Leave Things Open For A Sequel

Bill Skarsgård as Eric looking bloodied on stage in The Crow

Although Bill Skarsgård’s comments regarding the film are vague, it already gives away how The Crow reboot ends. Since Skarsgård has confirmed that his problem with the ending is that it isn’t definitive enough, this means that 2024’s The Crow probably won’t have a lot of closure. So, either Eric doesn’t die at the end of the film, or his fate is left deliberately ambiguous, with this most likely being done for one reason.

It seems likely that the ending of 2024’s The Crow will want to leave things open for a sequel, even if it risks harming the first movie. While there are multiple movies in the original The Crow series, none of them are as well remembered as the original, with it not intentionally setting up any sequels. Using 2024’s The Crow to set up a franchise without initially making a great first movie is a massive problem, and this could be what Bill Skarsgård is alluding to.

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