“Brands don’t want to work with me” – Phyna cries out as she calls out BBNaija organizers for ruining her reputation (video)

The drama between Phyna and the organizers of BBNaija may not be ending any time soon because she just came out without another rant.

In a live video, Phyna tearfully pleaded with the organizers of BBNaija to tell her the reason why they didn’t want to pay her the 1BTC that she won while in the competition.

According to Phyna, the BTC is currently worth one-hundred-million Naira. She pleaded with them, saying that if they needed another Bitcoin wallet, she would provide it.

Phyna also said that BBNaija has given her a tag that has made brands not to work with her. She complained bitterly about not getting work.

On the matter of money, Phyna said that celebrities are being overcharged. She gave ah example, saying that she went to the hospital, and had to spend a lot of money to get treated.

Phyna ended the video by saying that BBNaija organizers should tell her if the reason behind their non-payment is because she doesn’t have anyone to back her up.

Recall that earlier this year, Phyna had called Multichoice out for not sponsoring her trip to the Maldives, and they caved later on and met her demands.

While in the Maldives, Phyna posted some pictures, which received a lot of backlash from netizens.

Very Dark Man came to her rescue, asking Nigerians what Phyna ever did to them to receive such backlash constantly.

Phyna hasn’t had an entirely peaceful reign ever since she won the BBNaija competition.

At first, she had and issue with her family, over money, and she called them out for demanding too much from her.

Online, Phyna has also faced several battles with both fans and foes, who are often not scared to express their thoughts about her. She often returns the energy by clapping back at them.

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