Bryce Hall Apologizes to Mizkif Following Gambling Incident

American influencer Bryce Hall has issued an apology to Twitch streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo following a recent controversy that erupted over Hall’s comments while gambling. The incident came to light on May 20, 2024, when a two-minute video surfaced on social media showing Mizkif discussing derogatory remarks made by Hall during a gambling session.

In the video, Hall was recorded making several aggressive comments about Mizkif, including: “He’s a fking dweeb! Get him out of here! This guy has never seen that amount of money I’m fking losing. How are you going to talk st when I’m playing with the money you’ve never seen in your life? You can only imagine gambling $50,000. You don’t even make $50,000 in a year!” Hall, who is also known for his career in bare-knuckle boxing, escalated his verbal assault by threatening Mizkif: “Hey, increase your bank account, you fking loser! Get out of here! (Tfue says, ‘He’s good.’) No, he’s a fking dweeb. Get him out of here! Hey, seriously, before I knock his fking face off…”

In response to the backlash, Bryce Hall addressed the situation earlier today, offering an explanation for his behavior. He revealed that he had been in a particularly bad mood after losing $40,000 within two hours of gambling. Bryce Hall also claimed that he had no prior knowledge of who Mizkif was and accused him of provoking him at the blackjack table while he was already losing. He tweeted: “I have to address this – 1. I was down about $40k in 2 hours of gambling (already in a bad mood) 2. I had no idea who this guy was and he was needling me at the blackjack table while I was losing 3. I had a few drinks in my system & lack of sleep.”

Following his explanation, Hall issued a direct apology to Mizkif: “I apologized immediately after I cooled down and realized I sounded like a total fking dk. I’m human and I have emotions, and realized I acted irrationally. @REALMizkif, I’m sorry and your next blackjack buy-in is on me.”

Mizkif also shared his side of the story during a livestream on May 20, 2024. He accused Hall of behaving in an exceptionally mean manner towards a woman at the gambling table. Mizkif elaborated: “This is what’s so dumb about this whole thing. I’m sitting there with Tfue, and basically, I’ll tell everything, I don’t care. Bryce Hall was basically acting really fking mean to the lady. He was. He was acting ridiculously mean. He was, like, getting super pissed at her and, like, you know how you troll the lady that’s, like, sitting there? You’re like, ‘Oh, god damn it! You can’t give me a better hand?’ He was like, ‘F

Mizkif further explained that he tried to defuse the situation by suggesting to the woman that Hall was joking, which apparently infuriated Hall. “I say to her, I’m like, ‘He’s just joking.’ That’s it. I said he’s just joking. When I said that, Bryce Hall looks at me, points at me, and demands for me to get out of the entire lobby of this place because he said that what I was doing was insane, he runs this st, and I’m a broke bch that can’t afford any of this stuff.”

The public apology from Bryce Hall marks an attempt to reconcile and address his behavior, emphasizing that he acted out of character due to a combination of substantial financial loss, alcohol consumption, and lack of sleep. Whether this apology will be sufficient to mend his relationship with Mizkif remains to be seen, but it highlights the often volatile nature of interactions within the high-stakes world of gambling.

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